Movie A Day!: Devil Iggy Bungalows

No, I did not forget to post my blog on my typical Sunday night. The weekend simply got away from me, and I debated skipping a week since all I had watched this past week were three silent short films. Don’t get me wrong, they were fine short films, it’s not much of a post.

I find myself falling into a youtube hole prior to going to bed instead of watching movies. I’m replacing cinema junk food with wrestling top 10 lists, of all things. Actually, thinking about it, I watched two Iggy Pop concerts on the youtubes that I should really add to this… give me a minute to fix my list.

067 03/12 The Dare-Devil (1923) 3.5/5   Ben Turpin takes the lead in this Mack Sennett short about a clumsy cowboy who gets pulled into the movie business. Packed full of physical gags that are even more impressive when you find out in the commentary that he was in his 50’s when he filmed this. A comedian that really could do it all in front of the camera, this one was a lot of fun.

068 03/13 Black Oxfords (1924) 3/5   Forgotten comedian Sid Smith stars in this one as a guy who escapes prison and enters a steeplechase to win some money to save the family farm. Yeah, slapstick wasn’t much on plot. This one is pretty standard fare for the genre, but it’s great standard fare. There’s a prison baseball scene preceding the break out that is absolutely wonderful, a fake cow gag that flat out doesn’t work but the steeplechase in the end mostly redeems it. Most notable with this one is the quick pace and gags that will actually be refined and improved with the Loony Tunes cartoons while completely fading away from live action with the invention of sound.

069 03/14 Iggy Pop: Kiss My Blood (1991) 4.5/5   This one finds Iggy performing in support of Brick By Brick, one of his finest albums. It’s one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen, period. Dangerous, out of control, nailing every song. Twenty years after the Stooges and he still takes no prisoners. Not safe for work, he keeps yanking his pants off, but it’s still a mandatory viewing you can watch here.

070 03/19 Iggy Pop Live at the Ritz (1986) 3.5/5   This one finds Iggy performing material on the Blah Blah Blah tour. This is the album that was produced by Bowie and was considered a comeback of sorts for Iggy, but I found the album over-produced with too much of an 80’s pop sheen. The material live though is fantastic and a revelation. Well worth a watch to gain a new perspective. Watch it here.

071 03/19 Galloping Bungalows (1924) 3/5   This one see poor Sid Smith in a support role to the superior Billy Bevan, the star of the previously reviewed Gymnasium JimThis one is about a widow looking for suitors that have a distinguished mustache. I promise you, dear readers, I am not making up these plots. First half of this deals with a prefab house gag on a beach that largely falls flat. Second half is an amazing fire engine chase that makes it all worthwhile.

I guess that wasn’t too bad of a list. Seriously though, those Iggy Pop concerts are both bonkers. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t know how he STILL does it. Pure Rock n’ Roll, the real deal. The greatest thing in the world. We’re losing all of our originals. Chuck Berry died yesterday. I grew up on his music. I’m listening to it right now, vivid, alive, that sound he had. It holds up. It’s eternal. Sure, he had personal problems (to put it lightly) and was by all accounts a raging asshole. Don’t let it distract you from the genius. You could make the sweeping claim of “Chuck invented music as we know it” and it wouldn’t be crazy. All pop music today come from either The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, neither would of existed without Chuck Berry. No one can replace his influence. Only Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis are left. Listen to the old guard this week.

Movie A Day! 369-376 – Grumpy Old Man

Here we are with the round-up! And it’s a month end one as well, hence I’m late posting it! Boy, November flew by. I got in a few movies, which is surprising since this was a busy weekend. It was Black Friday, which is an American Armageddon like event for shopping. We don’t really do it here in Canada, but the local record shops do participate in the Record Store Day event with exclusive releases. So this weekend has been a lot of record listening in my house. I also got notice that my PONO player will arrive early this week, so I have a feeling that movies will take a little slide this week too. Let’s look at what I watched, and be prepared for a bit of a bitch over the first one.

369 11-23 The American Music Awards, The Country Music Awards, The Hollywood Film Awards (2014) 1/5

I didn’t watch all of these on the one day, but over the past couple weeks. Part of looking after an older parent is you get to watch stuff that you normally wouldn’t watch. The Hollywood Film Awards has to be the biggest pile of back slapping bullshit I’ve ever seen. The winners know they won, so one of their friends gives an admiring speech and they accept the award. Ridiculous. The CMA’s was just god awful. Modern country music continues to sound like shitty hair metal power ballads from the 80’s and I hate it. The AMA’s were pretty much just as bad aside from a some good performances by Taylor Swift and some girl band I never did catch the name of, Crystal Head? I don’t know, but the rest of the acts were the shits. Give me my old garbage over this new garbage that features Lil Wayne honking like a duck with something caught in it’s throat.

370 11-24 Zatoichi Goes To Fire Festival (1970) 4.5/5
Film 21 in the series and holy shit did it not disappoint! Zatoichi is labeled to be killed by a blind Yakuza boss, and the battles of wits and swords is fantastic! There hasn’t been a single dog film yet in this collections, and this one was one of the best.

371 11-25 The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) 3/5
This one is simply good enough. Bela Lugosi is back as Ygor, and he finds Frankenstein’s other son to get the monster going again. The current Frankenstein has figured out brain transplants so things get goofy. Lon Chaney Jr. gets a crack at playing the monster and he does a great job, as does Bela. It’s all just a bit too goofy in comparison to the previous films.

372 11-27 Two Rode Together (1961) 3.5/5
This is the last film in the John Ford Columbia Pictures Collection put out by TCM, and the only one in the set that is a western. Starring James Stewart as a total asshole marshal/bounty hunter who is hired up by Richard Widmark’s army to make a deal with some evil Indians to trade back kidnapped kids. Ford supposedly hated this one, and Leonard Maltin shits on it a bit in the extra features, but I’ve seen worse. Stewart and Widmark are both great in it which helps make up for the scripts shortcomings, like the annalistic racism that it’s riddled with. It’s definitely the ugly brother to Ford’s masterpiece “The Searchers” which deals with similar themes. In the end, it’s a Ford western, if you’re a fan, it’s worth checking out.

The Goonies Movie Poster

373 11-28 The Goonies (1985) 2.5/5
Re-watched this one for the first time since seeing it in the theaters back when I was 11 years old or so. Yeash. I didn’t care for it then, and I just don’t care for it now. This ones considered a bit of a classic these days, so I was hoping to be surprised. Nope. The kids are all great, especially Sean Astin and Josh Brolin. My problem is I have no tolerance for eight kids all yelling wisecracks at and over each other for two hours. If you don’t mind the racket, there’s lots to like in this one.

374 11-28 Pretty Peaches (1978) 4/5
After Vinegar Syndrome released Pretty Peaches 2 & 3 earlier this year, I figured this one would continue to go unreleased. Low and behold, they put it out as a limited edition blu-ray with a regular DVD coming next year. Looking fantastic, it was great to see the one that spawned the sequels. While the sequels felt more like loop carriers, this one feels like a proper film with a genuinely funny story that is still packed with sex. Desiree Cousteau makes her debut in this one as Peaches, and she is perfect as the pouting and perturbed amnesiac constantly being taken advantage of in every way possible. The rest of the cast is just as good, and this one makes it clear that prior to the video era, de Ranzy was up there with Henri Paris as far as being able to make quality films that happened to be porn. This Vinegar Syndrome blu also includes clips from the only known filmed interview with de Renzy, on top of a movie looking better on disc than most mainstream films from the same era. If you like the idea of a Russ Meyer movie done hardcore, this one is the one for you.

375 11-29 F For Fake (1975) 4/5
More of an essay than a documentary, this is Orson Welles looking at Elmyr de Hory, the worlds most notorious art forger who was biographed by Clifford Irving. While in production, it was discovered that Irving forged the infamous Howard Hughes Autobiography. Welles himself is a famous fake, responsible for the War of the Worlds hoax, so it’s a film about fakes, made by a fake. It’s a whirlwind of theory, editing, all solidly in Welles hands, and it breaks your heart that Welles never had a chance to have this much control on his films since it is a wonder to behold. Cheeky, funny, interesting, and all Welles, it’s highly recommended.

376 11-30 Invisible Agent (1942) 3/5

This one finds Griffins grandson trying to avoid his grandfathers horrible legacy of invisibility only to get swept up in world war two after nazi agents track him down and try to brace him for the formula. It’s straight up WW2 propaganda, but it mostly works and is a lot of fun, especially Peter Lorre playing a Japanese agent after being typecast from his Mr. Motto role. Oh yeah, it’s pretty racist and of it’s time to.

Not a bad week, or month really. No horrible films watched, aside from those dumb awards shows. Let’s look at the final numbers.

30 Watched,  22 First Timers,  0 Theaters

Actually nailed a movie a day! I think this is the first month. Still nothing at the theaters. I just have little desire to bother going. That said, I really need to see Interstellar in the IMAX.

Let’s see how I did last year:

31 Watched, 22 First Timers, 2 Theater

Look at that, one more watched and the same amount of new films! That’s never happened. This is creepy, let’s move on.

Best of the month is: F For Fake, Pretty Peaches, all the Zatoichi films I watched and Wreck-It Ralph.

No worst of the month, other than the award shows. And maybe The Goonies though it’s really not a bad movie, just too annoying with the kids.

That’s it for now, thanks, as always for reading.

The End



So Monday night on my way to vote I saw a monkey in the alleyway that ended up being a cat. Tuesday morning I was awoken by what sounded like a goose versus crow battle outside my window. Today has been normal SO FAR! Let’s keep this easy and steady!

I listened to Bach yesterday. I meant to take notes but I forgot. This is a good thing since it saves me having to explain space and time again. This blog, the one you are reading RIGHT NOW, is being typed as I think it in my present! 

So Bach. I listened to something called “Harpsichord Concertos”. Before I started I thought “Oh no, not more piano solo music! Yeash!” This had violins and stuff on it though to back up the harpsichord so it was much more enjoyable. The harpsichord is a pretty cool sounding instrument (it’s sounds like a computer) that does not exist any more since we killed all the Harpsichords and they can no longer be found in the wild. It’s Sad! My first thoughts on listening to this was that Bach was ripping off Mozart since they sound kind of similar. I looked up Wikipedia and saw that Mozart came after Bach so my guess was Mozart is a reincarnated Bach. Then I saw a page that claimed that Mozart met Bach when he was little, so obviously they are Highlanders and Mozart absorbed Bach’s soul when he cut his head off. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! So yeah, Bach is pretty good and I’ve heard a bunch of his music in cartoons as well as Mozarts, so thanks dead guys for providing my Saturday morning soundtrack!

Beethoven is currently on right now and my first thought is to drink some milk and beat the shit out of someone. Beethoven is used a lot in the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, he’s Alex’s favourite composer for inspiring the old ultra-violence you see. There is no reason for any of you to have not seen “A Clockwork Orange”, so run along and do so after reading this! DO IT! For Beethoven I’m listening to the Complete Symphony Collection 1-9 by the London Symphony Orchestra.  I’m finally listening to a symphony! That said, I’m mostly thinking about how good the Wendy Carlos stuff from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack is. Man, I love that soundtrack! She did the music for Tron too!

The other thing with Beethoven is that it’s a bit too familiar. Having taken music in school I’ve had to play “Ode To Joy” on every instrument I could put my mits on. I’m sure I could pick up a penny whistle or recorder and play it still. It and “Hot Cross Buns” and “Three Blind Mice”. I am truly a genius musician!

To recap, yeah, it’s alright but so far this classical music stuff isn’t a wild hair up my ass.

The End

Mozart? More like “Blowz-art”!

Right, it’s Monday! All of the day’s of the week have played out accordingly and none of us have died so we’re good for tasking this week! Huzzah!

(One day I’ll stop blogging about the existence of days, I promise)

So HappyJoel came up with a bunch of tasks and no one did much and then it was decided that it was classical composers week. That’s how it went right? Now I’m a day behind. I do not task on the weekend. I have things to do during the weekend (I’m actually lying my pants off saying that), and tasking is not one of them. I am sorry, but I’m a 5 day a week life change kind of guy.

Please take a moment to compose yourselves after that revelation.

So out of all the tasks, this one is pretty good, though a bit of a bugger for me. As mentioned before I am already in the midst of a massive listening project. I AM STILL DOING THIS TASK THOUGH! In true Benrik tradition, I’m modifying it to suit my needs, and that means I’m listening to the chosen composers, but not all day. Again, you will all have to deal with this. I’m still going to be listening to something I haven’t before, and that’s on top of the 1000’s of other things I’ll be listening to. I’m good on the listening front.

So Chopin and his butchery music can go fuck itself (Chopin sounds like a guy who chops and I don’t care how you’re supposed to say his name) since it was yesterday, today was Mozart! I know Mozart! I saw the movie “Amadeus” a few times years ago! As a result I know he was a boy genius at composing, and this caused his rival Sauron to get really pissed since he had to train so hard at it. They constantly had battles to see who was the Greatest Composer. Eventually Mozart trained so hard until the tutelage of the Turtle Master that he was able to reach a Super Saiyan state with his Chi and defeat Sauron. This caused them to become friends so they could unite and face the vile Demon King Piccolo who was stealing all the good composing jobs.

So it was with great excitement I went into today’s task. I was ready for my cape!

I didn’t like Mozart. I am not a classical music guy. The closest I get is Frank Zappa and Edgar Varese. As a result I have had to download all of the composers requested for this task. So for Mozart I got something called “Piano Sonatas” by some guy named “Zoltan Kocsis”. I picked it because his name reminded me of this:

That was about as good a movie about Dracula’s Dog as you can hope for (which means it’s not very good). This music was much better then this film. My problem is that it all started to sound the same over the 3 CDs that contained it. The only bright parts where when I recognized something from cartoons. These parts weren’t actually bright enough to make me look to see what these compositions were actually called though. Then it was over and I put my player on “Shuffle” and listened to some Aqua. It was way more enjoyable.

This is my main problem with this type of music. How is one to know which version is the best to listen too? It’s so dependent on the conductor. Even then, who knows what they are bringing to the table that wasn’t intended? This is why Rock and Roll is so much better. I know what I’m going to get when I pick up an Elvis Presley or Sam & Dave record.

I shall continue though! Tomorrow is ______! Yay! I love his stuff! I think. I can’t remember. I will look it up and blog about it when it is appropriate.

Maybe I’m just sour because it’s provincial election day here. The main parties that are going to win is either something called the Wild Rose Party that features a guy who has said that he’s a better choice to lead because he’s white and speaks to all people as opposed to a brown person who only speaks to brown people, or the Progressive Conservatives party that thinks all homosexuals will burn in a lake of fire. Both want to strip out government programs that actually help people and push through privatized medicare. I’ll probably vote by fucking up the ballot in protest.

The End.