Movie A Day! : 266-272 “Hymm-Humming Hell Cat!”

I think this is my fiftieth blog on this site. I feel like I should post something more personal than my silly movie lists, but I just don’t feel like it. feel free to look back on a previous Broken Record post, I doubt anything has changed.

Here’s the rest of the movies I watched last week, all scary ones so read this one with the lights on.

266 10-04 Evil Come Evil Go (1972) 3/5
This one is a Walt Davis film about a religious fanatic woman that is travelling around picking up guys and killing them while they have sex. Because sex is bad, ok? It’s actually quite fun, with Cleo O’hara in the lead as the girl being particularly good. This one is a pretty strong sexploitation horror from when softcore was transitioning into hardcore, so there’s sadly a bit too much time spent on nudity over the horror which causes it to run out of steam after the opening 20 minutes or so. Ends up I shouldn’t of been surprised, it’s produced by Bob Chinn who would go on to cement his place in history with the Johnny Wadd films starring John Holmes, who himself gets a credit here as assistant director. Apparently Holmes did the special make-up effect for the first kill. It’s not the greatest bit of gore you will find, but is the highlight of the film.

267 10-04 The Legend of Hell House (1973) 3.5/5
Blind bought this one based on word of mouth. It’s a pretty neat update on the haunted house story, for the time anyway. There was too much importance put on psychic powers for my taste, but the effects are good and it does get genuinely suspenseful. Being a big fan of THE EVIL DEAD, I can’t help but think that this is the missing link between THE HAUNTING and Raimi’s film. This one should be noted for an amazing performance by Roddy McDowall as well. So good stuff, I just didn’t love it.

268 10-04 Widow Blue! (1970) 3/5
This is the last Walt Davis film released on this Vinegar Syndrome disc, and boy is it a doozy. Also known as “SEX PSYCHO”, it’s one of truly demented films from the early days of seventies exploitation where porn is on the horizon and the filmmakers are going for broke. This film has everything in it. Explicit sex? Yup! Gay sex? Yup! Gore? Yup! All together in one scene? Yup! People having sex on top of a guy they just killed via a Herschell Gordon Lewis type neck chopping? Yup! As far as I can tell, this film would only appeal to Charles Manson. sadly, it runs out of steam halfway through, which is around when porn legend John Holmes shows up (unbilled) and it becomes more of a sex film that a horror/sex hybrid. That said, for fans of this kind of “Something Weird” stuff, it’s a goldmine. Completely uncut as far as I know, and all three films on the disc should entertain.

269 10-05 The Face Of Marble (1946) 1.5/5
This was the next film on that four pack I mentioned last blog and I have a feeling they front loaded the disc with the good movie, “Jonathan Drake.” Everything was bad on this one. The plot which was a Frankenstein, voodoo mish mash was poor and annoying, no performances of style to elevate it. The transfer had pretty much every issue a film can have with little gray scale, print bounce, compression, ugh. Everything about it was the pits. Lousy $10 disc! Thank goodness the Skulls of Jonathan Drake was good.

Corruption, not for girls.

270 10-05 Corruption (1968) 4/5
Peter Cushing plays a surgeon who has to resort to murder in order to save his model fiancee’s burned face. I was expecting a bit of a Hammer flavour to this one, and it sort of is like a Hammer, but man does it get vicious! I don’t think Cushing ever got more crazy than in this one, and the film keeps building up suspense by adding layers to all the main characters. I watched the International version that had more boobs and blood, but I imagine the regular release is just as good. Both are on the GRINDHOUSE RELEASING blu-ray I picked up, and the quality is fantastic. So it’s a swinging look at swinging London with Cushing murdering non-vampires, what’s not to like? (It’s also suitable for women if you’re a woman who likes proto-slasher horror.)

271 10-05 Cannibal Holocaust (1980) 4.5/5
It feels wrong to call this a classic, but it really is. It’s offensive, horrific, gross, and leaves you feeling almost despondent. Which means it absolutely succeeds in it’s goal in a way few films ever have. This was my 4th time watching it and it hasn’t lost any of it’s impact. It’s a real shame that they had to have animal cruelty in it. I can’t imagine the movie will ever have a better presentation than what GRINDHOUSE RELEASING has done with this blu-ray. If you’re a fan, it’s a must own.

272 10-05 Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) 4/5
This one is considered a lower lever Universal Horror film, but I’ve always really enjoyed it. Lugosi is a carny scientist who claims to have a missing link ape named Erik and is obsessed with breeding Erik with a white woman. It’s incredibly twisted, hyper-sexual compared to most Universal Horrors, and even with all the censorship that plagued the film to this uncut final result. Lugosi is just as good in this as he is in DRACULA which helps keep things moving.

One thing I failed to mention in my Cannibal Holocaust review since I’ve seen it so many times in the score. It has one of the most hauntingly beautiful scores you will find in a film that plays against some of the most horrible imagery you will see. It helps add to the power of the film. So while I can’t recommend the film to anyone due to the real life animal cruelty involved, it succeeds in many ways in what it was trying to accomplish.

That’s it for now. At the rate I’m going I’ll probably have another movie post before the weekend.

The End