Movie a Day!: Hidden Money

The week of this viewing saw the weather go from a paralyzing -20C to breaking within 24 hour period yesterday to 5C. There’s a subconscious stress level living in a part of the world with such weather fluxes that one never gets used to. We just enjoy not having to dress so that the environment wont make you euphoric before killing you. It’s too early to know if this warmth will last. Which adds to the stress.

As threatened last blog, this week saw me balancing the classy 2016 Oscar noms with the usual sleaze people typically don’t admit to watching in public if they ever hope to have a long lasting relationship. If I’m going to be alone, I might as will be free!

033 02/05 Fences (2016) 3/5   Denzel Washington directs and stars in this story about a working class stiff trying to keep things together in lower income Philly during the 50’s. Great acting and an interesting slice of black life that isn’t usually shown in the movies keep this one mostly interesting. My issue with it is it’s based on a play and the constant dialogue (very theatrical dialogue with all the beats you would find on the live stage) with little action or change of scenery pretty much keep this one on the stage. I prefer my movies to feel like movies as opposed to adaptations like these and despite at how good this one is.

034 02/06 Hidden Figures (2016) 3.5/5   The fun thing about watching the Oscar Best Picture nominations is I have done zero research and am going in mostly blind about what these movies are actually about. This one was a pleasant surprise. It tells the true story of 3 black women who were key figures doing the big work during the space race. The blatant racism and misogyny as depicted in 1961 NASA is infuriating to watch today, but they never hit you over the head with it in an over the top way. I found some things problematic, like the modern music choices (I’m guessing at the insistence of Executive Producer Pharrell…) and some little bits of “sassy tropes” that seemed like caricature and kind of took away from how smart these women actually are. (That could be my white old guy bias, persons of colour, please correct me.) None of it is enough to be completely distracting though, and in the end, it’s a damn fine film and one that deserves to be seen.

035 02/07 Don’t Answer The Phone (1980) 4/5   A Vietnam vet is bonkers and going around strangling pretty girls and stalking/harassing a radio therapist in LA. This one was downright nasty and mean, with a ton of sleaze to boot. Which means it was great and really delivered! That’s how it works with genre films, the more they live up to their depraved expectations the better. I didn’t make the rules! Anyway, it fits right in with Maniac, The Toolbox Murders, and other Taxi Driver style horror films from the era.

036 02-08 Hell or High Water (2016) 3.5/5   A couple of brothers can’t seem to shake Jeff Bridges giant, float-y head, based on the promo above. In actuality, a couple of brothers go on a bank robbing spree in Texas and ridiculously old Texas Ranger Jeff Bridges has to try to catch them. Seriously, if Bridges gets anymore growl-y he’ll be forced to play wolf-men for the rest of his career. They say this one is a modern western, but it’s not really. Can there even be a modern day western anymore? It is a really good modern day crime film though that takes place in the south. Everything rings pretty true, performances are top notch, there’s a bit of business that is a little extraneous (they seem to be setting up a female character only for her to vanish without a trace) but otherwise it works well enough to keep you interested. It also plays with a bit of the stereotypes that are found in these “western” films which helps keep it current and more than a smadge political. Good stuff, but I don’t think it’s “Best Picture” material.

037 02-10 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) 4/5   The true story of a war hero medic who entered World War II as a conscientious objector and refused to carry a weapon. First half plays like a rehash from better films, mainly Full Metal Jacket. The second half when they go to war redeems it though. This one has the action in the Pacific and anyone who’s seen a documentary on the pacific war knows it was one of the most brutal theatres. The film does not shy away, and actually seems over the top if you didn’t know better. It’s great stuff. The only real problematic thing with this for me is it’s directed by Mel Gibson. Old Mel has proven himself to be a piece of shit anti-semite. Like Polanski and Woody Allen I find myself conflicted with these guys, separating the person from the film, that kind of thing. That aside, dude knows how to direct an action picture.

038 02-10 A Place Beyond Shame (1980) 2.5/5   Poor Seka has fears about sex so she’s sees a therapist to unlock her sexual prowess. Directed by adult legends FJ Lincoln and Sharon Mitchell, I was hoping for more to this than basically being a loop carrier.

039 02/11 Manchester By The Sea (2016) 4/5   Casey Affleck stars in this one as a working class guy who is struggling to get his life together and has to take responsibility for his nephew when his brother passes away. So it’s a pretty heavy drama and the main draw for this one is the brutal reality. It never really gets sentimental, which makes it great in my book.

040 02/11 Blue Money (1971) 4/5
041 02/12 The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970) 2/5   A duo of films directed by Alain Patrik, Blue Money was a real surprise. Produced by Bob Chinn, this one was their first crack at a legitimate movie after toiling away in the world of softcore. The film is about pornographers struggling to get their films made while avoiding the vice squad. What makes it so interesting is that it’s actually made by pornographers who were actually dealing with the arrests and vice issues at the time so there’s a ring of truth to this as opposed to typical exploitation fair. It makes for a really well done character study that really fits in with other films of the New Hollywood era. Patrik would drift away from softcore films to pursue acting, and Bob Chinn would move on to discovering John Holmes and creating the Johnny Wadd series that was referenced so heavily in Boogie Nights.and cement his place as one of adult’s greatest filmmakers.

The Affairs of Aphrodite is pretty typical softcore dribble about a princess kidnapped and forced into Aphrodite’s harem. Mainly of interest on this disc in being the type of film that the lead in Blue Money would of made, since it was literally made by the same director/star. 

So basically my picks for best picture are between Blue MoneyDon’t Answer The Phone and Manchester By The Sea. Says where I am at this point in my terrible life. If I had to pick a fave, I’d probably lean to Hidden Figures or Manchester By The Sea. Next week I should have the rest of the nominations watched so maybe I’ll love La La Land as much as everyone else in our currently free world.


Movie a Day!: All Caught Up!

Right, here we are with a fresh post of what I just watched this past week. Let’s not all pass out from the excitement. Some really good films on here, Clint Eastwood, Robert Altman, a Dick Cavett interview, Some really classy stuff! Thankfully I got in some trash before this blog became all “Sight & Sound” magazine!

087 04-18 The Dick Cavett Show – Alfred Hitchcock (1972) 3/5
This one was featured on the the “Foreign Correspondent” disc from last blog, a full one hour interview with Hitch as he made the rounds plugging “Frenzy”. It’s really good, with Hitch telling jokes and stories about many of his films. Add this and the other featurette’s, and the Criterion Blu-Ray really is a damned fine one.

088 04-18 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) 3.5/5
Last year I watched nearly every Clint Eastwood film I could get my hands on, and this one was missing. It finally got a limited release on Blu-Ray, so I snapped it up. I always figured this a typical Eastwood film from the seventies. It mostly is, but there’s a twist. It’s Michael Cimino’s first film, he would go on to make “The Deer Hunter” and the infamous “Heavens Gate”. His presence is felt here though, the characters are richer and the film is beautifully shot. It has the whole seventies auteur vibe, and add in a cool caper and some genuine performances by both Eastwood and Jeff Bridges and this one is a real winner in Eastwood’s filmography.

089 04-18 Starlet Nights (1978/1982) 3/5
This is the second half of the porno double bill that included the previously reviewed “Deep Roots”. It’s by the same director and the star of that film is featured in a smaller role as a Genii Indian instead of an American Indian, so that’s kind of weird typecasting. Anyway, this one tells the story of a woman who is jealous of her stepdaughters beauty after her magic mirror tells her that the stepdaughter is the fairest of them all. So she gets an apple with love potion 69 on it to turn her into a nympho in an attempt to ruin her chances of getting on Mr. Grumpy’s new show “Devils Angels”. Shot in 78 but not released until 1982, this bonkers retelling of “Snow White”, minus actual dwarfs and with a Hollywood showbiz backdrop is actually pretty fun.

090 04-19 Hereafter (2010) 2/5
This is the last of the Eastwood pictures that I own that I hadn’t watched so I figured it was time to watch it. It’s a total miss for me. Musing on what happens after we die is all fine and good, but the bullshit psychic aspect never plays for me. So despite a great opening 15 minutes of tsunami destruction, the main drive of the story tracking 3 separate lives affected by death just rambles on and on only to wrap up with a stupid pat ending you can see coming about 30 minutes in.

091 04-19 A Saint… A Woman… A Devil… (1977) 3.5/5
Here’s another odd one from Vinegar Syndrome. Prior to working on the script for the film ”Raging Bull”, Peter Savage made this; a sexed up version of “All About Eve”. Also known as “Sylvia”, it is the story of a mousy religious woman who has multiple personality disorder that also manifests itself as a butch lesbian, a nympho and a “normal” girl named Mary. Presented in a standard and an x-rated uncut version with hardcore, it’s actually not bad for a porno. The performances are about as good as you get for a no budget film like this. I just find it odd that someone who worked with Martin Scorsese prior to this and after would team up with the legendary Bill Lustig and make a porn. The seventies were pretty crazy. Fun stuff.

Starfish Circus with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony

092 04-20 The Starfish Circus (2014) 3/5
Once a year my favourite podcast “Walking The Room” puts on a show that features music and stand-up comedy. This year they streamed it, and sold a copy as a limited edition download. So I bought it. It was simply okay. Greg and Dave, the hosts, stole the show and the house band, The Reigning Monarchs were great as always. That said, I’m glad I didn’t fly to New York to see it.

093 04-20 Nashville (1975) 4/5
This is one of those films that has been sitting on the back burner of my brain since it’s widely regarded as Robert Altman’s best film. I’m far from an Altman expert, but I think this is the first film he made were a gaggle of characters inhabit a time period and you see how their lives intersect. I’ll admit to being a little lost for the first 30 minutes, one I got into the tone and pace I found myself really enjoying this one. Perfect performances, including Henry Gibson of all people as a country music icon, plus the great music which was largely written by the cast and this one is worth checking out. I watched via the recent Criterion Blu-Ray (which features outstanding picture and sound) and plan to dig into the extras.

So there you go. If you want to watch an intersecting character type movie, skip the stupid “Hereafter” and travel down to “Nashville”.

The End