Movie a Day! 011-016

Busy day at work today, so my intro shall be brief! Thanks to those who have been following so far, even the robots! Do you delete the robot followers on here, or do we care enough to bother? Anyway, tell your friends and what not about this blog and spread the movie love!  This installment finds us finishing the second week of January.

011 01-07 Palooka From Paducah (1935) 2.5/5
The next Keaton in the set, this one relies on typical Hillbilly gags about moonshine. Notable for having some players return from his independent silent days, but the whole thing falls pretty flat.


012 01-09 One Run Elmer (1935) 2.5/5
Another Keaton, in this one he’s a gas station attendant out to impress a girl from a rival. Not particularly memorable.

013 01-10 Galaxy of Terror (1981) 2.5/5
This one is part of “Roger Corman’s Cult Classics” so you know going in it’s going to be goofy. It’s basically an Alien/Fantastic Planet mash-up about a crew going to a planet to investigate a base that has lost communications due to an alien attack. The Alien is kind of clever in that it appears to be a manifestation of each individuals fear so it’s appearance is constantly changing. Now the weird thing is that this plays out a bit like a low rent “Aliens”, except it’s before “Aliens” came out and James Cameron worked on this one in the art department. Kind of neat. Plus the obligatory nude scene is a rape via a giant maggot and Sid Haig plays his part silent, so there you go.

014 01-10 Oriental Babysitter (1976) 2.5/5
This is the second film of a porno double feature put out by Vinegar Syndrome’s “Drive-In Collection” series. It’s basically a loop carrier with Linda Wong, the “Oriental Babysitter”  narrator of the title, telling stories of her adventures in babysitting. It’s pretty fun, mainly because she sounds completely stoned and the dialog is ridiculous. Sadly, after a whirlwind 20 minutes they kind of drop the plot and narration leaving a rather dragging final 50 minutes to wade through. The first film in the set (The First Time) was the better picture, and at $12 not a bad deal.

015 01-11 Tales From The Lumberyard: The Making of “Galaxy of Terror” (2010) 3.5/5
Another case where the making of is better than the movie. Lot’s of great stories by most of the principal cast and crew for the film and some cool behind the scene shots. James Cameron is absent, which is good since there are some pretty good tales of what a dick he was being told.

016 01-11 Corman’s World : Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011) 4/ 5
Dad had a few questions about Roger Corman after “Galaxy of Terror”, so I spun him this documentary. It was as fun the second time around, and I can’t come out of it not thinking that Corman is the most influential filmmaker, period.

A pretty trashy week huh? That Roger Corman documentary though is a must see. After this week (in January when these movies got watched as opposed to the week in mark I posted this) the wheels really fall off as my dad goes into the hospital with a broken neck caused by cancer. So some things like the Zatoichi and Bowery Boys movies fall to the wayside, to be watched if he gets out (future still pending). So the upcoming posts will feature more films covering longer periods than these initial posts. Until I catch up, then I don’t know what’s going to happen with this blog. I’ll try to keep it regular folks!

The End