Movie A Day! 101-110: Easter Nostril Devil

It’s Easter Sunday as I write this. I have no religious reason to celebrate, it’s  a good excuse to have a fancier food is all. So on top of all the chocolate I’ve eaten the past few days, I also went all out and made a coca-cola ham. It was good, and now it’s late and I realize I forgot to update the movie blog. So I’m doing this before I go to bed and watch a documentary on British horror. So I’ll apologize in advance for any extra grammar and spelling errors you will find over the usual, I’m tired.

101 04-01 Revenge of the Creature (1955) 3/5
102 04-02 The Creature Walks Among Us (1956) 3/5
The final two sequels to CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Neither of them are as good as the first one, and the second one has a modified suit that looks crap in the water (air bubbles come out of the top of the Gil-Mans head!) but both are enjoyable in their own way. REVENGE has the Gil-Man captured and put on display in a water park. WALKS has a team looking for the Gil-Man in the swamps, with the purpose of manipulating it’s DNA into becoming a super human that can be shot into space. So they are both wonky, but WALKS is the better movie with a great nighttime attack scene. REVENGE is probably most notable for having an unbilled Clint Eastwood in his second film doing a bit in a lab with rats.

103 04-02 Nympho Cycler (1971) 2.5/5
104 04-03 Shot On Location (1972) 1.5/5
A pair of borderling hard core features generally credited as being directed by Ed Wood Jr. NYMPHO was the better film, mainly due to actually having Wood in it as a the leads pervo husband who gets off taking sexy photo of her while he’s dressed in drag. Wood is hammy as hell, and the years of booze show. It’s a pretty sad site, but fascinating all the same. Once Nympho takes off, you never see Wood again and it becomes a rather tedious affair. SHOT ON LOCATION is guessed to have Woods involvement, but there’s nothing in it that worth watching, just the typical stupid grind and moan to be found in the cheapest of sexploitation, which both of these are.

105 04-03 The Nostril Picker (1993) 2.5/5
Super cheap shot on video slasher. A pervo learns the art of being a changeling (original title was THE CHANGER) from a homeless guy, and takes the form of a missing highschool girl so he can befriend some cheerleader types and kill them. Lowbrow in every way, from acting, to effects, but it all adds up to being kind of fun since they really go for it premise wise as opposed to being stupid with it.

106 04-03 Interstellar (2014) 4/5
I don’t think Nolan was completely successful in what he was going for with this, I’d have to watch it again. That said, he goes big with this one, not just in scope but in ideas, and I’ll take that a billion times over some garbage TRANSFORMERS or FAST FURIOUS film. The cast is all great, the films moves like it should and I didn’t find it had the pacing problems some have bitched about. Again, it’s attempting to tackle the big questions, I found the “downtime” just as interesting as the spectacle. That said, I’d be okay with Matthew McConaughey maybe having a time out for a few big films.

107 04-04 Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii (2015) 4/5
Between this, ON CINEMA AT THE CINEMA and their twitter accounts, Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington (Neil Hamburger) are doing some of the best satire to be found, period. It’s going to go down in the history books, so catch up you dummy’s! It can all be streamed on the net! Anyway, DECKER 2 was as brilliantly stupid as the first series, and I never want it to end since it’s a billion times more entertaining and creative than SHIELD WALKING DEAD.

Day of Anger Movie Poster

108 04-04 Day Of Anger (1967) 3.5/5
My ARROW VIDEO subscription has started to arrive, so expect to see their titles appearing again and again in this blog like you do Vinegar Syndrome. This first one is a Spaghetti Western, and a solid one at that. Giuliano Gemma (never heard of him either, he’s big in Europe) plays a bastard child that grew up in a shithole town and is now the towns slop boy, literally carting their poo away, dreaming of being a gunslinger and forcing their respect. Lee Van Cleef (THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY) arrives, and ends up taking the boy under his wing, being the father he never had. Only with lots of killing. If you like westerns, you should like this one, and the blu-ray looks great

109 04-04 Three Ripening Cherries (1979) 2/5
Another Carlos Tobalina snoozer porn. This one is about three sisters (?) who fantasize about what their first sexual experiences will be after learning sex ed in school. That’s the first ten minutes. The rest of the film are lazy, dull group sex scenes that Tobalina apparently never figured out how to film in an interesting way. I’ll watch the second feature on the Vinegar Syndrome disc next weekend.

110 04-05 Mark of the Devil (1970) 3.5/5
Another ARROW VIDEO release, this one was one of the more notorious features to be on the VIDEO NASTIES list in the UK. I watched a crappy download of it a few years ago during one of the horror challenges, and I have to admit, I got more out of it watching it properly restored in it’s correct aspect ratio. Anyway, it’s about abusive witch hunters in England, and takes a serious look at what was going on which means it’s filled with graphic torture and beatings with lots of blood, so it’s pretty great! An insanely young Udo Kier is the star, and that creepy Reggie Nalder who showed up in DRACULA SUCKS is great as the abusive witch hunter. This one is well worth a watch, not just due to it’s place in British Horror, but it’s actually a good movie instead of just relying on shock.

Thanks for reading.

Movie a Day!: All Caught Up!

Right, here we are with a fresh post of what I just watched this past week. Let’s not all pass out from the excitement. Some really good films on here, Clint Eastwood, Robert Altman, a Dick Cavett interview, Some really classy stuff! Thankfully I got in some trash before this blog became all “Sight & Sound” magazine!

087 04-18 The Dick Cavett Show – Alfred Hitchcock (1972) 3/5
This one was featured on the the “Foreign Correspondent” disc from last blog, a full one hour interview with Hitch as he made the rounds plugging “Frenzy”. It’s really good, with Hitch telling jokes and stories about many of his films. Add this and the other featurette’s, and the Criterion Blu-Ray really is a damned fine one.

088 04-18 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) 3.5/5
Last year I watched nearly every Clint Eastwood film I could get my hands on, and this one was missing. It finally got a limited release on Blu-Ray, so I snapped it up. I always figured this a typical Eastwood film from the seventies. It mostly is, but there’s a twist. It’s Michael Cimino’s first film, he would go on to make “The Deer Hunter” and the infamous “Heavens Gate”. His presence is felt here though, the characters are richer and the film is beautifully shot. It has the whole seventies auteur vibe, and add in a cool caper and some genuine performances by both Eastwood and Jeff Bridges and this one is a real winner in Eastwood’s filmography.

089 04-18 Starlet Nights (1978/1982) 3/5
This is the second half of the porno double bill that included the previously reviewed “Deep Roots”. It’s by the same director and the star of that film is featured in a smaller role as a Genii Indian instead of an American Indian, so that’s kind of weird typecasting. Anyway, this one tells the story of a woman who is jealous of her stepdaughters beauty after her magic mirror tells her that the stepdaughter is the fairest of them all. So she gets an apple with love potion 69 on it to turn her into a nympho in an attempt to ruin her chances of getting on Mr. Grumpy’s new show “Devils Angels”. Shot in 78 but not released until 1982, this bonkers retelling of “Snow White”, minus actual dwarfs and with a Hollywood showbiz backdrop is actually pretty fun.

090 04-19 Hereafter (2010) 2/5
This is the last of the Eastwood pictures that I own that I hadn’t watched so I figured it was time to watch it. It’s a total miss for me. Musing on what happens after we die is all fine and good, but the bullshit psychic aspect never plays for me. So despite a great opening 15 minutes of tsunami destruction, the main drive of the story tracking 3 separate lives affected by death just rambles on and on only to wrap up with a stupid pat ending you can see coming about 30 minutes in.

091 04-19 A Saint… A Woman… A Devil… (1977) 3.5/5
Here’s another odd one from Vinegar Syndrome. Prior to working on the script for the film ”Raging Bull”, Peter Savage made this; a sexed up version of “All About Eve”. Also known as “Sylvia”, it is the story of a mousy religious woman who has multiple personality disorder that also manifests itself as a butch lesbian, a nympho and a “normal” girl named Mary. Presented in a standard and an x-rated uncut version with hardcore, it’s actually not bad for a porno. The performances are about as good as you get for a no budget film like this. I just find it odd that someone who worked with Martin Scorsese prior to this and after would team up with the legendary Bill Lustig and make a porn. The seventies were pretty crazy. Fun stuff.

Starfish Circus with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony

092 04-20 The Starfish Circus (2014) 3/5
Once a year my favourite podcast “Walking The Room” puts on a show that features music and stand-up comedy. This year they streamed it, and sold a copy as a limited edition download. So I bought it. It was simply okay. Greg and Dave, the hosts, stole the show and the house band, The Reigning Monarchs were great as always. That said, I’m glad I didn’t fly to New York to see it.

093 04-20 Nashville (1975) 4/5
This is one of those films that has been sitting on the back burner of my brain since it’s widely regarded as Robert Altman’s best film. I’m far from an Altman expert, but I think this is the first film he made were a gaggle of characters inhabit a time period and you see how their lives intersect. I’ll admit to being a little lost for the first 30 minutes, one I got into the tone and pace I found myself really enjoying this one. Perfect performances, including Henry Gibson of all people as a country music icon, plus the great music which was largely written by the cast and this one is worth checking out. I watched via the recent Criterion Blu-Ray (which features outstanding picture and sound) and plan to dig into the extras.

So there you go. If you want to watch an intersecting character type movie, skip the stupid “Hereafter” and travel down to “Nashville”.

The End