Star Who? – Listen to the Mirror Of Destruction

Another blog! Three days in a row. You didn’t think I would forget about poor old Doctor Who due to the horror challenge did you?  This one features a great episode so let’s get to it.

Doctor Who (2005) S08E04 – Listen 4/5

Another really strong episode. This one practically goes full horror, with the Doctor wondering what would happen if there was a being that only existed to hide, what would it do? Some genuinely spooky bits, it works really well. There is also some insight into both the Doctor’s past and future that I’m trying not to think too hard on since I don’t think it fits. I seem to think that Gallifrey, the Doctors home planet, was a bit more cosmic than the English farm setting they showed here. Maybe it was ret-conned? Future Doctor Who looks bad-ass, I want to see more of that. The nit-pick on this one is once again the assistance of the dumb and unnecessary romance angle for the companion. I have a feeling that the previous two Doctor’s stories relied heavily on the companions wanting to fuck the Doctor, so they are trying to create a new boyfriend for Clara. It’s dumb, but to this episodes credit, and the only reason I’m not knocking it down, is that the whole thing relies on the romance bit. It’s going to get really corny if they keep trying to shoehorn this dating stuff in every week though. If they want to do “Sex In The City” with Clara, then give Clara her own show. Sex in the TARDIS!

Star Trek S02E04 – Mirror, Mirror 4/5

This one is a classic episode, one of those episodes that leech out of pop culture into popular culture. It’s the one with “Evil Spock”, identified via his goatee. See, you’ve heard of this one! They also get fancier uniforms that incorporate a gold sash. It’s a great episode too. Due to a magnetic disturbance while beaming up from a planet, the landing crew of Kirk, Uhura, Bones and Scotty are swapped with those of a parallel dimension where instead of peaceful explorers, they’re raging asshole pirates. Everyone on the evil Enterprise seems hellbent on assassinating each other in an attempt to become Captain. It makes for lots of fun bits, and the the evil Enterprise really is a hellish place so it actually makes it tense to watch Kirk and crew navigate the violence and politics while trying to figure out not just what the hell is happening, but how to get back to they’re own dimension. It’s trippy good, and well worth a watch regardless of your Trek fandom.

Doctor Who S01E03 – The Edge of Destruction 2/5 (2 Parts)

This one was a bit flat. A small explosion from the TARDIS control panel knocks everyone out. When they come too, they are all acting a bit odd, and as they get more suspicious of each other, the more violent they get. The Doctor is full on asshole in this one and thank goodness it’s a short one since it was dull as dishwasher despite sounding like a cool one. They never leave the TARDIS, so this should make it suspenseful. Maybe I was having a bad night, but my brain kept wandering and I kept having to back it up to figure out what was going on. I was glad it ended, since it was constantly a confused mess. So confused that I had to read the wiki blurb on it to re-familiar myself with it since I’m writing this the day after. There was one neat bit though, you get an inkling during the episode that the TARDIS might be self aware. Which is important, maybe. I know the Baker Doctor was always talking to the TARDIS, so maybe this is why? Anyway, a switch is labeled with a sharpie for maximum cheapness so that’s a good point to end on a positive. The next episode should be better.

See? The best so far new Doctor Who, A really good Star Trek and a shitty old Who with a sharpie label. This blog is awesome.


The End

2 thoughts on “Star Who? – Listen to the Mirror Of Destruction

  1. It’s quite the opposite actually. After all the heavy romance in Who previously they are weening the teens off of it, with, what I believe will lead up to Clara’s departure, and a completely romanceless relationship with the new companion. Listen… ah. I wanted to like this episode so much. I like the concept, but it retreads territory already covered in the introduction of the Silence as an enemy – a bloody brilliant two parter from series 6. If you ever watch any early Who, make it that one – but didn’t you think this episode was heavily flawed? The reflection of the monster under the bed sheet int he window when they turned around clearly wasn’t human, so what was it? Either it was a monster that can hide brilliantly and the ending was rubbish, or it was just some random monster that decided to play a trick on the Doctor and was never explained. I also do not buy at all that they are trying to sell Capaldi’s Doctor as the most vulnerable and sensitive. It just doesn’t work.

    • You know what, all good points. I might be blinded by Capaldi since all the other Doctors turned me off even though I never watched them. Eventually I’ll catch up with season 6 after I watch the previous 40 odd years of Who.

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