Movie A Day! : 256-257 – The End of September!

Here we are, a couple of days late but it’s time to wrap up September! I only got in two films since last blog, but they were pretty great. Let’s have a gander!

256 09-28 Gravity (2013) 3.5/5
The simplest way to describe the plot is to say it’s about astronauts trapped in space but you would be really doing a disservice to the film describing it so plainly. That said, to get into all the things going on in the film, some subtly and others more in your face, would spoil it. So let’s just say that it’s one of those rare special effects heavy films that not only looks impressive, but has great characterization and performances to go with it. Like the best sci-fi, it’s not really about science fiction but about humanity. Great stuff and one that would absolutely benefit from being seen on the largest screen possible.

257 09-30 Zatoichi and the Fugitives (1968) 4/5

This one features Zatoichi running foul of a band of fugitives that are hiding out at a Yakuza boss’ compound. So it sounds like all the other Zatoichi films, but god damn was this one good! This is the eighteenth film in the series, and Katsu continues to keep getting better as Zatoichi. This one manages to move at a good pace both action and suspense wise, and is pretty much in flat out spaghetti western mode. This set continues to be one of the best I’ve bought.

See? Two really good movies! I really classed this blog up after that horrid Ed Wood Jr. porn film last time. Let’s look at my totals:

28 Watched, 24 First Timers, 1 In Theaters

Not bad. I expected a dip since I started watching all that Doctor Who and Star Trek. I’m definitely down from September 2013:

39 Films, 33 First Timers, 0 Theater 

So down eleven films for the month, and just over a hundred movies total. I was at 357 titles at the end of September 2013. how could my eyes stand it? I got some catching up to do!

Best film of the month, I’m going to go with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. It might of been low expectations, but it hit all the buttons for me. Runners up will be HER and the MS .45 revisit.

Worst film, obviously THE PURGE. I’m still getting mad thinking about that piece of shit! Give me a million THE UNDERGRADUATES to watch over another PURGE!

Which brings us to October. Friends might recall that I participate in something called the “Scary Movie Challenge” in which one tries to watch as many scary movies as they can in the month of October. I’m participating in it again this year, so expect lots of posts since I tend to do a blog either by the week or when I get to around ten films. Hope you like scary movies! There might be some non-horror stuff to, so don’t be too scared.

Please do share this with any movie loving friends, and comments are always welcome and appreciated. Feel free to chirp in with any scary movie faves you may have!

The End

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