Star Who? – Changeling Mutants of Sherwood

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means, it’s time for me to beak off about Doctor Who and Star Trek! We got three good episode on this blog, so let’s not waste anytime.

Doctor Who (2005) S08E03 – Robot of Sherwood 3.5/5

As you can tell by the title, this one features the Doctor meeting up with Robin Hood after he asks his companion Clara who she would like to meet in history. So it’s a lighthearted episode as opposed to a heavy one. It also totally works, with the Doctor wanting nothing to do with Robin and his merry band of happy assholes, and being none too polite about it. It’s a bit goofy, but there are plenty of genuine laughs to be found, and Capaldi completely nails his performance as the Doctor. It’s also completely bonkers in plot which helps to sell it all too. So new Doctor Who continues to be a blast! Hooray for Doctor Who with an old guy as a the Doctor!

Star Trek S02E03 – The Changeling 3.5/5

One look at Spock’s pissed off face above and you know what this one is all about. The Enterprise encounters a weird object in space that ends up being the lost probe pictured above. The probe, named “NOMAD”, has gone bonkers so instead of gathering data, it’s sterilizing planets based on finding every living organic thing “imperfect”. It goes full asshole once on board, brain wiping Uhura and flat out killing Scotty. The only person it listens to is Kirk, and that’s only because it’s dumb programming is confusing him with the similarly named scientist that created him. The episode is a hell of a lot of fun, and the dopey NOMAD ends up being a pretty good villain in the end. The resolution is pretty clever too, and ramps up the tension to keep you interested.

Doctor Who S01E02 The Mutants (7 parts) 4/5

Most people will know this one as THE DALEKS, since it introduces the Doctors greatest foes in a seven part epic. SEVEN PARTS for the second storyline! That’s pretty confident stuff! The episode is pretty great. The Doctor is still a moany old asshole, he fakes a TARDIS problem in order to get his own way and people end up getting killed for it. No big shakes for Hartnell though, fuck ’em, he’s got to see the Dalek city! This type of moral indifference will vanish over the years and other Doctors. Part of the fun in watching these old ones is seeing them work out the kinks in the characters and dynamics. Anyway, basic plot is after the last episode, instead of returning Ian and Barbara to their London, he fucks them off to a strange planet. This is the first hint we get that the Doctor either has no idea what he is doing, the TARDIS is broken, or he’s a massive prick. It’s never properly explained in this story. Everything on the planet is petrified, and it ends up that there was a massive, 500 year war in which neutron bombs were used. Two surviving people were left. The Daleks who took refuge into robot bodies in their city to survive the radiation, and the Dalek described “mutants” that are basically Hitlers aryan dream living in the forest since they figured out a pill to prevent radiation sickness. I was sure I had seen this episode before, but I didn’t remember any of it, so it should be fun to see how they explain how the Daleks are such a universal terror since these beginnings don’t fit in at all with what happens years later in “Genesis of the Daleks.” Also, I believe it was part six that had a scene where Barbara has to jump across a ledge and manages to bust off a part of the cheap shitty set. As a fan, I live for the cheapnis of these, so that was fun! The Doctor and his gang are in near constant peril throughout, so it all adds up to a really good episode and you can see how people went crazy over it back in 1963.

Not bad right? I told you they were three good ones. It’s weird watching these. The old Doctor Who is shot in flickery old black and white video, the Star Trek I’m watching is off the newish blu-rays with enhanced 5.1 audio and effects, which means it looks and sounds better than brand new Doctor Who. Not to say that the production value of new Who is poor, it’s one of the better shows on television for the most part. It’s just odd watching these all at the same time is all.

Well that’s enough for this week. Comments and suggestions always welcome!

The End


3 thoughts on “Star Who? – Changeling Mutants of Sherwood

  1. I loved the first half of the Robin episode. The way the Doctor kept attacking Robin and the merry men was great. However, the last part with the “plot” was so cliched and boring I lost interest.

    • I can’t argue that, it ran out of steam. I still enjoyed it though. That first half was pure gold. “That’s not even a JOKE! It’s just BANTER!” I want Scottish Doctor Who to be Doctor FOREVER! The only way it could get better is if they allowed him to call people cunts.

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