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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to geek out on my blog! Since this is the second Wednesday I was able to post a Star Who?, it seems this will be the series schedule! Let’s see how many weeks I can manage before I screw it up. Since last week, Mr. Monkey informed me on some recent happening regarding the Doctor Who reboot regarding his regenerations and how they’ve reset it so he has 13 new ones. It’s kind of put me off since it means we wont have some grand wrap up to 50 plus years of stories. The greedy bastards! Of course, they could continue on with a new time lord, or pass the TARDIS to Susan, the Doctors granddaughter. I still think a girl Doctor would be cool, and you could see her dealing with things that the current Doctor has bungled in his career. Lots of possibilities lost now that they retconned it. Anyway, it got me wondering to what happened with old Susan… so let’s look at the shows this week (from 4 weeks ago, potential spoilers ahead).

Doctor Who (2005) S08E02 – Inside The Dalek 4/5

I was looking forward to this one since it’s the first, baggage free episode for the new Doctor, and it has Daleks in it, so really, what more do you want from Doctor Who? NOTHING MORE! It was great. Capaldi is completely nailing the Doctor in a way that hearkens back to classic Doctor Who while still putting his own mark on the character. I hope he ends up being the Doctor for the next twenty years. The episode felt classic, too. There was action and what not, but the main drive of the story was exploring the morality of the Doctor’s relationship with the Daleks, which is good? Which is bad? Can a Dalek, the most evil force in the universe, be good? Classic Who. My only nit pick is that the producers seem obsessed with having some kind of horseshit romantic angle shoe-horned into the series. I’m guessing this is a hold over from the previous series, and I can give no shits nor fucks about a romantic side plot for the companions. Doctor Who has never needed sexual tension to be good. I’m hoping they abandon it.

Star Trek S02E02 – Who Mourns For Adonais? 3/5

This is one of those goofy episodes. The Enterprise literally gets held by a giant hand in space reaching out from a planet. They beam down, and discover that the god Apollo is holding them hostage, he’s in need of people to worship him after Earths people had abandoned him and the rest of the old gods. Apollo takes fancy to Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas who returns the favour, and poor Scotty takes I think three shit kickings trying to protect her honour. It should be incredibly stupid, but it actually really works. Aside for the goofy plot there is a lot of side exploring about the nature of faith, the basis of religion, and other philosophical things that makes Star Trek so interesting. Hell, the theory that maybe Apollo is an alien that visited earth as one of the Greek gods is pretty much the basis of about a thousand episodes of that bullshit Ancient Aliens TV show. Neil Gaiman will later on explore similar territory of old gods losing power as people stop worshiping them in his book AMERICAN GODS, I wonder if he saw this episode? Is he a Trekkie? Anyway, this is another episode that sounds stupid on paper but ended up being pretty good.

Doctor Who S01E01-04 100,000 BC (An Unearthly Child) 3/5

That’s right, we’re going deep! All that talk last blog of the old Who got me wanting to watch some classic Who, so I’m starting at the beginning! This is the debut story and it is weird to see now. This introduces William Hartnell as the first Doctor, and I forgot what a moany asshole he was. Maybe he gets more likable as the series goes on, but in this one he’s a cantankerous jerk. That aside, the template for all future episodes is solidly in place. The TARDIS is set up, the companions being the viewers eyes to identify with the weirdness going on, it’s all there except for one strange, major plot point. The plot is basically about a couple of school teachers, Ian and Barbara being worried about their student Susan Foreman so they go to talk to her parents at her home. They arrive at a junkyard and see the Police Call Box and it’s from there that we are introduced to the Doctor as Susan’s GRANDFATHER. I don’t remember any family ever being mentioned with the future Doctors, or how much this relationship is explained in future episodes since it never is in this story. It’s a huge plot point though that could be explored. Does Doctor Who ever stumble upon her in a future episode? Is she a timelord traveling around as well? Wouldn’t it of been cool if the relaunch in 2005 featured her? Anyway, Ian and Barbara think the Doctor is full of shit, so The Doctor gets all “Fuck you!” about it and takes them to the stone age where they get mixed up in a caveman tribal war over the loss of fire. Weird thing is Ian is really the drive of the story since the Doctor is a total prick so it’s Ian pushing the plot forward trying to show peace and friendship to the savage cavemen, with the Barbara and Susan basically just being along for the ride. It’s still not a bad episode though, especially for a debut.

That’s it for this week. Good? Is it just too much gad damned Doctor Who now? What do you need from me to make this better? Anyone?

The End

1 thought on “Star Who? – 100,000 Inside Adonais

  1. I like your summary of the classic Who. I’ve not actually seen it and it makes it look pretty cool. Susan has been mentioned in passing, family also mentioned in passing, but nothing worth harking on about here. There are some tho, who suspect that this Missy in Heaven is actually Susan, but I don’t buy it.

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