Brain Dump

“What a fucking world we live in where Robin Williams wakes up depressed and all these other assholes have smiles on their faces.” – Some guy on Twitter

Just a quick post to say that this blog has not been abandoned. Movies are still being watched and tracked, and this blog will be updated next week to catch you all up with the mini reviews you know and love.

So why the absence? Last week was a horrible week. Robin Williams hit me harder than it should of. I’m blaming lingering unresolved issues from my dad passing from a couple of months ago. Tomorrow (August 22) will mark two months. Williams made me think of dad since we watched so many movies together, and I remember how hilarious we found the film CLUB PARADISE to be. Probably in the minority on that one based on the audience in the theater we saw it in, and I haven’t seen it since it’s VHS debut so I have no idea how it holds up. Williams passing just kicked it all up since Williams has always been part of my life in the weird way that movies are. From being a kid and loving MORK & MINDY (I think I still have a talking Mork in the Bunker basement) to watching him mature as an actor in films like AWAKENINGS to seeing his career sort of tumble away with shitty movies as my life tumbled through divorce and long term cancer care. I don’t know. Between Lou Reed and Robin Williams, this year is a bitch for favourite celebrities dying.

The rest of the week, and this week, I’ve been obsessively watching the Ferguson situation. Race riots in 2014. Just let that roll off your tongues. I mean, the Gaza issue was already horrific, but I find I give it a bit of a pass since it’s religion based, and I’m ass-y enough to firmly believe to never expect good things to come out of religious based things. Not that it justifies what’s happening to Palestinians, who are probably being killed right now as you read this. The Ferguson thing though, is so colossally fucked up. It’s beyond whites versus blacks, it turned in to the punk 80’s nightmare of us versus them. Being Canadian, it’s easy to be smug about the states shitting the bed like this, but the sad truth is this stuff always manages to trickle up. I have no answers on how to stop it since the basic thing of “Simply respect others” seems to be completely lost in our popular culture. It’s so fucking sad and infuriating.

So basically I’m going the long way around to saying that recent events have left me not feeling like blogging about movies. This should pass. I’ve been extra busy at work too which doesn’t help. That will pass as well.

What a fucking world we live in, indeed.

The End

1 thought on “Brain Dump

  1. Throw in the ice bucket challenge and you’ve summed up the entire state of the world at the minute. Robin Williams seems to have affected everyone… the Ferguson deal, well, it’s one bad incident that has just highlighted the terrible state of a much worse problem all over America: law enforcement. Those guys are f’d up. Anyway, happy things. Movies and ice cream and reviews. I think throwing yourself into the activity might help get you through the funk. Best of luck

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