Movie A Day! : 168-173 – “My life is a performance”

I’m at the part of staycation where I’m losing track of days. This is not a complaint. Another week to go, and I already know I’m not going to accomplish all that I planned. This isn’t a complaint either. At any rate, with July 31st hitting mid next week, I figured I better get a blog in so as not to have a huge wrap up one to do next week. Plus it’s rainy as I write this, so with music playing, it’s pretty relaxing.

This past week also marked a month since dad passed away, and it’s still weird to deal with. I spent the day at the zoo looking at critters. Which is a nice way to spend the day, but I felt disconnected and was probably not as fun to be with as I like to think/imagine I typically am. This coming week we have a memorial to go to at the hospital he died in. I have mixed feeling about this, but will be going in support of mum. How many goodbyes is too many? This will feel like the fourth.

Anyway, on to the movies!

168 07-21 Kamikaze Hearts (1986) 3.5/5

This one is a love story between Sharon Mitchell and Tigr. Both are porn performers and at the time this was filmed, were in a relationship, using their real names. So this one plays like a documentary, though they claim it was planned out. It makes it very hard to see where the line falls between reality and performance, which makes sense since it is based around porn where the reality of sex is performed. It makes for a very human, and largely uncomfortable lesbian romance that is well worth a watch.

169 07-21 Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954) 4/5
This one is an early film from director Don Siegel who is probably best known these days for DIRTY HARRY and other Clint Eastwood films. This one is a pretty typical prison preachy about the horrors of prison. The draw though is Siegel keeps it lean and mean, with character actors at front instead of stars and shooting a bunch of it on location at Folsom prison, using inmates as extras. It helps to keep the tension up as well as the pacing brisk. Well worth a watch.

170 07-22 Escape Plan (2013) 2.5/5
Then you have this one. Featuring Sylvester Stallone as a prison expert wrongfully imprisoned in a jail designed to be unbreakable, based on his own book on how to make an unbreakable prison. High concept huh? Anyway, Stallone growls his way through this one as the genius expert that despite being freakishly huge due to human growth hormones can still manage to squeeze through tight spots to break out of prison. It’s all pretty goofy, but with a surprise named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold manages to put in a hell of a performance in this one as a charming prisoner who helps Stallone. It was surprising to say the least when the last thing you would expect from a Stallone/Schwarzenegger team up is a good performance.

171 07-23 The Devil’s 8 (1969) 3/5
This one appears to be a rip-off of THE DIRTY DOZEN. A group of seven men (the federal agent leader makes up the eight, in case you though I couldn’t count), all serving long term prison sentences, are freed by the feds to take on a gang of moonshiners. Seems pretty extreme, having to use prisoners to take on moonshiners, the FBI really couldn’t handle that one themselves? It’s pretty dopey, but also a bit of fun since it’s an American International Drive-In B-Movie. I was quite surprised to see John “Apocalypse Now” Milius sharing a writing credit on this thing, but it explains the uber-macho dialogue. The soundtrack that constantly plays the main theme is ridiculous, as is the version with some of the dopiest lyrics ever to grace one of these pictures that plays over the final credits. So there it is, lot’s of fun to be had with this one, just don’t expect and adventure war classic like THE DIRTY DOZEN.

172 07-23 Parker (2013) 2.5/5

This one stars my boyfriend Jason Statham as a thief who gets betrayed on a job and proceeds to beat the living shit out of everyone involved. So it’s pretty much every Jason Statham movie. It has a strong cast featuring Nick Nolte (who has apparently lost the ability of speech and has to use growling tones to form words, making Stallone sound like Olivier in comparison) and Michael Chiklis who you will remember was “The Thing” in those shitty FANTASTIC FOUR movies from a few years back. The exception to the great cast is Jennifer Lopez, who continues to be just awful to watch in movies. Lopez, and the character she plays, is the only problem with the film, she only exists to create trouble for Statham, trouble that the main plot and subject does not need in anyway. If you cut her and her subplot out, and I think you could do it rather simply, the entire film would be better. It’s obvious that the only reason she’s in here is because some studio idiot thought they needed her to bring women to the theaters. In fact, I’m knocking this one down half a point from 3 stars since I get annoyed just thinking about it.

173 07-23 Deep Tango (1974) 2/5
This one is a hardcore porno comedy that just never works. I’m guessing it’s trying to be irreverent like I think DEEP THROAT is. I’ve still not seen DEEP THROAT so I can’t be sure. Anyway, it makes no sense plot wise, (it’s kind of a play on LAST TANGO IN PARIS with two people meeting up in an apartment for sex) and then in the last quarter it gets all 1970’s auteur dark that has you wondering WTF? I’m guessing the main draw for Vinegar Syndrome tackling it for release is it’s scarcity as well as being notable as being legendary actress Annette Haven’s second feature film credit. Haven is easily the best part of the film, though the main actor Keith Henderson is pretty good too (this appears to be his only film according to IMDB), and quite likable compared to most of the sleaze ball guys from the era. Still, it never really works as a comedy or a porn, just as an oddity.

That’s it for now. Welcome to some new subscribers, you are appreciated! Feel free to spread this stuff around! Leave me feedback on how I can improve this mess of a blog.

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Movie A Day! : 161-167 – “Invasion of the Bees”

Another week, another blog. I’ve managed to stick to my 3 times a week workout as discussed previously. It’s slow going, but good. The eating part isn’t going as well sadly. I feel the need to eat the snacks I own so you know, FAT! I’m off work the next couple of weeks, just a staycation. I had some plans, but I feel like scrapping them. I’m used to being alone and whenever I have time to myself I just hermit. It’s got to be depression right? I’m not SAD, but I’m not happy either. Just nothing. Let’s fill the void with movies! HUZZAH! I managed to watch two different movies largely about bees. Accidental theme week!

161 07-14 Wings of Life (2011/2013?) 3.5/5

One of the jewels in the Disney crown, back when Walt still ran the show, was the TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURES series of feature films and shorts. Basically nature documentaries that told fun little stories of the animals depicted. What they may of lacked in hard science they more than made up for in entertainment and won the studio a slew of Oscars. All but abandoned, in the past 10 or so years Disney relaunched the series under the DISNEYNATURE banner, and every release has been really great. If you love the critters, and boy do I love critters, these dumb movies will have you squeeing all over the place, probably with tears in your eyes. This one wasn’t as good though. It looked like it was going to tell the story of bugs and butterflies and what not, and it does, but it’s all centered from the flowers point of view. Which is cool and novel, but it all gets a bit much in the narrative department and there’s never the tense, dangerous moments to really stir you up. That said, the photography is absolutely astonishing, and even the heavy handed environmental message (about the bee situation that actually is as dire and deserving of heavy handed attention as any ecological threat) makes it all work. It’s just no AFRICA CATS which has you going out of your mind watching lions raise their kittens. (All baby cat like things are kittens, I don’t care what anyone has to say about it.)

162 07-14 Ernie Kovacs: Take A Good Look (1959-1961) 4/5

This was a bonus disc included with the previously reviewd 6 disc set. It features nearly 3 hours of episodes from Kovacs TAKE A GOOD LOOK game show. It’s a panel show where three celebrities have to guess who a special guest is, based on three sets of clues. Kovacs had free range to produce the clues as skits, and you’ll never see more baffling surreal clues in a game show. It’s genuinely hilarious, and I could easily watch this 50 year old game show every day.

163 07-16 Zatoichi and the Doomed Man (1965) 3.5/5

Another fine installment. I think this one is film 11, so I’m not quite halfway through the initial series. This one see’s Zatoichi getting wrapped up in more yakuza troubles after being forced to help an innocent man sentenced to death. Not much more to say, the plot is a bit simpler than the previous one, but it’s still a fine film. The character continues to grow, he actively tries to avoid getting mixed up in all the intrigue, it’s pretty much a force of fate that guides him. The swordplay is typically excellent, this one featuring even longer takes of the flashing blade that genuinely makes things breathtakingly exciting. I’m going to continue to ration these to one a week, but I could easily binge watch this set.

164 07-19 Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) 3/5

I think this one is a knock-off of “The Stepford Wives”, though it beat the film version of the book to the box office. It’s a pretty goofy Sci-Fi horror about a town where men are winding up dead after having sex, due to Bee Girls which behave like queen bees and fuck men to death. It’s pretty sleazy, with most of the exploitation tropes of the era on full display, which makes it a fun watch. I have to admit, I’d fall for a Bee Girl, they’re pretty fabulous with their big sunglasses on.

Buzzz Buzzz!

165 07-19 God Bless Ozzy Osbourne (2011) 3.5/5

After the success of THE OSBOURNES, Ozzy became a pop culture joke. This documentary, produced by his son Jack, helps put him back into context as one of the most successful singers in music. It covers all the basics as far as a documentary goes, from his poverty riddled childhood right up to this 60th birthday and finally celebrating sobriety. In fact, the whole thing is really about his struggle with addiction. Since I only knew the very basics of his story, I found this genuinely interesting.

166 07-19 Bijou (1972) 4/5

This was Wakefiled Poole’s follow up to his hit film BOYS IN THE SAND. This one too is a hardcore gay porn, but the step up in quality is massive. Where as BOYS was basically a loop carrier of 3 vignettes, this one has a proper plot. A construction worker witnesses a woman get hit by a car on his way home, and snatches her purse that falls at his feet. Once home, he discovers a ticket to “Bijou”, and goes there. This one is silent like his other pictures, but the level of craft is surprising considered it was largely shot in his own apartment. His skill as a theatrical producer really shines, as well as his use of in camera double exposures and what not. So instead of playing like a porno for the raincoat crowd, it really feels more at home as an art film since the mood and shots allow for different interpretations. For example; you’re never sure if the lead is straight or gay. It’s things like this that elevate it. As per usual, Vinegar Syndrome put this out looking beautiful with some nice extras, including an introduction and commentary by Poole that was interesting and informative.

167 07-20 Jackass Presents : Bad Grandpa (Extended Cut) 3.5/5

Liked this one in the theater, and really enjoyed revisiting is with the extended cut. Not much different between the two I don’t think, just scenes playing out a little longer so you get more ball sack. If you like Jackass, I’m sure you’ll like this. If you hate Jackass, then you should probably skip it.

There we are! Not a bad week of movie watching. I just got a load of Criterion releases in the mail as I was prepping this, so theirs a chance we might be seeing some fancier movies in next weeks round up. You will come back to see right? Remember to share and like this if you can. Maybe I can get rich with a popular blog? HA!

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Movie A Day! : 154-160 “Take A Look!”

Right, finally a movie post! I got in a few this weekend, and they were all pretty good ones too! I also started my workout stuff, and boy is it slow going. I did my first full workout after a week of warming up to it, and it was pathetic. I felt thinner though the next morning, so my dumb brain is at least in the right place. Let’s look at some movies!

154 07-01 Zatoichi’s Revenge (1965) 4/5

I’m jumping back into this series. This one is the tenth film, and it ended up being one of the best so far. Basic plot is Zatoichi arrives at the town where he trained with a Master Masseuse, only to discover that his master has been murdered by a crime boss who has teamed up with a corrupt magistrate. Their diabolical plan is to get the villagers into massive debts via gambling and loans so that the villagers have to commit their daughters to a brothel the gangster owns to pay the debts off. It makes for a darker tone than some of the other films, and the slow burn of Zatoichi dispensing justice adds to the suspense. I love these films!

155 07-05 We Walk The Line : A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash (2012) 2.5/5
Not the worst all-star tribute show, but not the greatest either. The highlights are Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, but they don’t get much air time. The version I watched was during one of those stupid PBS pledge drives which is the worst possible way to watch anything, but there was nothing presented that made me think I would want to get the complete show on DVD.

156 07-06 The Ernie Kovacs Collection (2011) 4.5/5
This is a 6 DVD set featuring selections from Kovacs TV career, from the earliest surviving show in 1951 until his last shot show in 1961 when his career was cut short do to a car crash taking his life. Don’t know who Kovacs is? Don’t worry, you’ve seen his influence via Monty Python, Dave Letterman, SNL, pretty much every cutting edge comedy show you can think of. Before TV had a proper form, Kovacs was playing with it, and this collection is simply amazing to watch. Not everything is laugh out loud funny, in fact, most of it is so surreal and strange that it’s surprising it made it to TV at all. Many of his highlights are here, the “Eugene” silent special, his smoking a cigar underwater, the infamous 30 second skit that cost $12,000, the Music Special, examples of his game show “Take A Look”, despite all the material you just want more. Current TV seems dead in comparison to the life and energy Kovacs brought. My only complaint is that many of the shows presented are edited due to rights issues with music. That any of this exists at all, the TV companies were in the process of erasing and dumping Kovacs output in the 60’s when his widow stepped in to buy the material back, makes the music issue a small one. Genius is used far too often these days, here’s a case where it absolutely fits.

157 07-08 The 90’s : The Last Great Decade? (2014) 2.5/5
This was a 3 part, 6 hour look back at the 90’s, which I think is technically my decade since I graduated high school in 91 or whenever I graduated high school. How do people remember dates like this? I never can. I just know it was around this time. Maybe 92. I thought it would be a fun watch, but it just wasn’t. I remembered everything they showed, but there was really no context. It was “Waco happened, then Bill Clinton fucked someone, then Nirvana, then some other thing, then Clinton fucked someone else”, all presented in news clips with no actual context. I would of liked it more if it dealt with movies or music. Especially music since I was totally Gen-X and into the grunge/punk scene. So the end of the whole thing was basically a big “Who cares?” which is kind of a perfect gen-x reaction to looking back at the gen-x decade when you think about it. I probably would of preferred a look at the 80’s, the previous decade I lived through, but as a child that couldn’t fully experience it. To answer the question of the title; it probably was the last “great” decade in that fun and horrible things happened without the threat of losing personal freedoms that seems imminent at this point of the 2010’s.

158 07-12 American Hustle (2013) 3/5
Finally got around to watching this one. Maybe it was high expectations (I really liked SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and loved THE FIGHTER), but it ultimately left me flat. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a great story with fantastic performances and production. It just never clicked with me. I love a good crime film, and the con in this one was novel and interesting. I think the problem I had was that in order to get that seventies look, it feels a little dressed up and camp. Only Christian Bale appeared authentic, the rest were just too polished and jived wrong. It was distracting enough to pull me out of the picture, as opposed to BOOGIE NIGHTS which hit the look perfectly. Still, not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and one I’m sure I’ll revisit again.

159 07-13 Sugar Cookies (1973) 3.5/5

Another stellar Blu-ray presentation by Vinegar Syndrome, this one see’s them teaming up with the mighty Troma studios to bring out an early sexploitation shocker. Before hitting legend status in the eighties with THE TOXIC AVENGER, Lloyd Kaufman struck out with this Hitchcock inspired thriller that he refers to as “The only X-rated movie to not make any money.” Basic plot is an actress is killed in a bizarre sex game, so a woman grooms a naive newcomer into being her replacement. The femme fatale in this one is Mary Woronov. Woronov is a cult legend, mainly from Roger Corman films like DEATH RACE 2000 and ROCK ‘n’ ROLL HIGH SCHOOL. She always seems to play a prison-marm type role, so it’s nice to see her in this before she got typecast. In this one, she’s drop dead gorgeous and beguiling as the sexually ambiguous Camila Stone who is manipulating poor Lynn Lowry as the actress replacement. It’s the type of performance that should win awards, she carries the entire picture. Too bad it has such a stupid title that makes it sound like a goofy titty flick instead of the type of thriller Brian DePalma would mine years later with DRESSED TO KILL. Certainly worth checking out, provided you’re not afraid of near constant nudity. The blu-ray looks fantastic, and has some great interviews.

160 07-13 Nebraska (2013) 4/5

Poor old Bruce Dern is so incredibly old looking he can only get roles like this where he plays confused, feeble old men. Fortunately, this one is by Alexander Payne, who has mastered making films about the human condition that manage to not be completely overwhelming with over sentimentality. The basic plot is that of Dern traveling from Montana to Nebraska to pick up a sweepstake prize with his son. It’s all an excuse to explore the father/son/life dynamic, and who know that Will Forte was this good in a serious role? I mean, he’s a comedic genius, MACGRUBER proved that. To see him so low key and subtle, along with everyone else, it just makes for a beautiful and funny film that completely satisfies on all levels. It’s also got Bob Odenkirk as the other brother, so this one just wins on all levels.

Right, that’s it for this week. Pretty near half a month of viewing, and it’s six titles. Not good as far as “A Movie A Day” goes…

Feel free to argue or comment, and share and like and all that stuff.

the end

Broken Record : Forty, Fat and Fucked

So last week I was at the mall and stumbled upon a big clearance sale and bought 4 new shirts in my regular size. Actual button up shirts as opposed to the usual T-Shirts that I wear, though in full disclosure they were all light flannel skater shirts since I’m stuck in 1993 fashion wise. As far as impulse buying goes, it felt pretty adult since usually impulse buying means I need to buy every Led Zeppelin album on vinyl RIGHT NOW.

I get home and not a single one of those fucking shirts fit. Since they were clearance, there are no returns. They reside in the pile of other shirts in the bottom of my closet. The “I’m To Fat Now They’re Too Tight” pile that show not only my belly, but my diamond cutter tits. I hate that pile because I hate what I have become. The past couple years have been more stressful than I realized/admitted due to my Dads health issues, and I dealt with that stress via eating. I knew I was doing it, but I just didn’t care. You end the day defeated over something stupid like bus connections not working out and the snack of chips becomes eating an entire bag of Doritos with an ice cream chaser and maybe some cookies. On top of a double portion supper. You feel gross from being so full, but you also kind of feel good since the giant lonely hole inside of you is temporarily filled. Part of my dealing with stress resulting on my bailing out on so many plans with friends that my friends eventually bailed on me. I get it, and don’t blame them. I’ve been a real asshole and unreliable the past bunch of years. I apologize to all of them, they know who they are.

Anyways, this massive, visual/physical realization of just how fat and shit I’ve gotten arrived a couple weeks after I turned forty. The week I turned forty was about as emotionally polarizing a week one could have, I celebrated my dads birthday on Fathers day while he was in hospital, and he passed away later in the week, on the following Sunday. That’s a whole other blog. Mum and I are doing okay. Many people seem to go crazy when they hit forty, but like all birthdays, I don’t really care about it. All the horrible things that men stress about, like hair loss and bizarre hair growth, all happened to me early on and didn’t phase me then. What I am feeling though is that this is a bit of a new beginning. After nine years of living with someone fighting cancer, it feels like I got out of a relationship and I’ve forgotten who I am. It’s weird. So the feelings of loss, the sadness of missing Dad are at odds with feeling like I’m “free” or something. Which is probably why “Guilt” is a part of mourning and people end up in therapy. I’m trying not to feel bad about it, and mostly not.

So this is a big long ramble to write down my decision to try to change for the better, agian for the hundredth time. I tried it years ago on the old Benrik cult site, and it mostly didn’t work personally for me in the real day to day life but did fantastically in other more cerebral/emotional ways in that I do have some great faraway friends I miss seeing but love hearing from. So ultimately it was a win. The plan moving forward is to slowly get back into an exercise regime with a side of eating properly in an effort to lose some of this weight so that FUCKING SHIRTS FIT AGAIN. FOR CRISSAKES! This is where I’m fucked, supposedly once you hit about 40, you’re done as far as how much your body can rebound from being a lazy bum. I already wake up with odd pains. I’m hoping it’s from inactivity and that exercise will stop that from happening. I hate this already. I just want shirts to fit properly. Is that too much to ask? (YES)

I’m also going to go back to saying yes to most offers of doing things, not that I expect many offers (or necessarily want them… I’m pretty much a hermit). In the past, it was hard to plan things in advance. I had to miss Nick Cave last month despite having a ticket for an example, due to dad stuff (not a complaint). It’s why I’ve been horrible at accepting invites. I’ve had to bail on so many people after accepting or planning things that I stopped accepting so as not to have to bail. I missed a dear friends wedding, The situation and me sucked. I kind of have free time again now that the days aren’t filled with planning and participating in hospital visits. I still have work on my plate, and helping mum, but still have more options. So I’m going to try to get out more. It has to help.

I’m hoping by writing this, I’ll actually stick to it. My brain is wired to “fuck it” mode though, so I guess we’ll see. I’m over-emotional.

Eventually this “getting out” more might lead to dating again. I don’t even know if that’s still an activity anymore. That’s a topic for another blog.

My midlife crises is dealing with body issues and adopting some cats. I’m basically “Ally McBeal”.

Movies will return next blog. I only had 3 or so titles, so not worth posting about until I get at least 5. I still feel the need to blog at least once a week.

The End

Movie a Day! : 144-153 – The End of June

Right, I’m keeping this intro brief. I watched more movies, let’s look at them and wrap up June!

144 06-24 I Love Lucy Season 2 (1952) 4/5
More of the same classic comedy as the first season. The writing and performances remain top notch and my concern of introducing a baby to the family so far hasn’t had a negative effect. (Introducing kids to shows always has a negative effect.)

145 06-25 Bob Dylan – The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (1993) 4/5
This one was recently released on blu-ray with everything looking and sounding great. I remember getting the pay per-view of this one back in ‘93. There are some differences, they cut George Thorogood’s performance of “Wanted Man” to the dismay of no one. I’m wondering if it was a rights issue? Anyway, what’s here is great so I guess my only complaint would be that it’s not truly “complete.” It is kind of sad seeing so many of the performers featured, like Lou Reed and George Harrison (in his last live performance I believe) who have now passed away. At any rate, the performances and songs more than hold up.

146 06-26 Double Agent 73 (1974) 2/5
This is the second film that Chesty Morgan made with Doris Wishman, and it’s just as shit as the first one. This one’s plot is, Chesty is an undercover agent who has a camera surgically implanted in her massive tits so as to gather evidence to crack a heroin ring. This of course gives her the excuse to flop her horrendous tits out in regular intervals. It’s as unpleasant as the first film, but so ridiculous and ballsy in it’s stupidity that you can’t help but watch it. These two films are certainly cult classics.

147 06-26 The Immoral Three 3/5
This one is the last film in the Chesty Morgan set from Something Weird. This one again follows Agent 73, thankfully replaced by another actress. She’s killed, so it’s up to her three daughters to avenge her death and collect her three million dollar inheritance. This one is the best film in the set, partly due to having people on screen who you actually want to watch instead of the skin diseased-like horrors of the Chesty freak shows. This one is more softcore as well, with a banana being eaten in a way that no banana deserves to be. It’s a bit “Charlie’s Angels” in a fun, exploitation way as well, though don’t expect much in plot or presentation since regardless of how many films Wishman made, she never seemed to improve.

148 06-26 A Gift (1970) 3/5
This is another short film by Wakefield Poole. Shot in the same Fire Island locations that “Boys in the Sand” would be shot, it also features some hardcore shots mixed with some of the editing tricks found in “Andy”. It makes for a nice little art film. That said, the commentary that is included that tells the story behind it is heartbreaking-ly wonderful.

149 06-28 Head Film (1969) 2/5
This one is an experimental short film by Wakefield Poole that is kind of neat but pretty forgettable in the end. It’s clearly him playing with the camera, filming his boyfriend around the house.

150 06-28 Vittorio (1971) 3/5
This is the final short film by Wakefield Poole on the “Boys in the Sand” DVD and is a cut-up animation that played during a gallery show by Canadian poster artist Vittorio Fiorucci. It was kind of neat for what it is. Now that I’ve watched all the shorts, I guess I have to watch the feature porno.

151 06-29 Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013) 3.5/5
I don’t know what it is, but when the directors name is part of the title, I instantly have no desire to see the movie. See every film made by Tyler Perry as examples of movies I have no desire to see that has the directors name in the tite. This is the second film I’ve seen by Daniels. I was not a fan of “Precious”, a film so incredibly over the top in depicting the horribly abused life story of the title character that it was unintentionally hilarious. Anyway, I knew this was a film that mum would like to watch since Oprah is in it and the disc was cheap so I gave it a shot. It’s pretty good, and it’s entirely due to the performances of Oprah and Forest Whitaker. Plot wise, it’s a bit too convenient and over the top in depicting the real life tragedies of the Civil Rights movement that it almost flirts with the “Precious” level of ridiculous, but holds off just enough. I’m guessing Daniels just can’t help himself with trying way too hard to manipulate audiences emotions that he can’t just let the material speak for itself.

152 06-30 Philomena (2013) 4/5
I typically don’t seek out Judi Dench films (I’m racist), but when Stephen Frears or Steve Coogan are involved I’ll check it out. This one was wonderful. The plot, a woman seeks the son that was put up for adoption 50 years prior, sounds like the Lifetime networks movie of the week. The performances help to elevate the material and it’s quite a wonderful journey of discovery to be on that ends up not falling for many of the tropes these types of films tend to fall into. It’s well worth checking out.

153 06-30 Boys in the Sand (1971) 3/5
This one is considered the first mainstream, hardcore gay porn film. Directed by Wakefield Poole, it plays a lot like his other feature that I’ve seen, “Bible!”, except with hardcore. This one is basically a series of three vignettes, each dealing with a fantasy element as star Casey Donovan dreams up guys to fuck. It really is more of an art film. Like “Bible!”, there is no spoken dialog, just music so it plays like a porno “Fantasia.” It’s shot in a natural, documentary style, so there’s no harsh lighting or massive close-ups like in most porno, the scenes play out in a sort of dreamscape with sharp editing. Anyway, it’s not a bad film at all, but I doubt I’ll re-watch it much aside from listening to the commentary track. Vinegar Syndrome did their typical great job on this one. And 13 year old me from the 80’s would be shocked to know that 40 year old me could watch, much less own a gay porn and not have a dick in his mouth immediately after viewing. It’s funny how things change, having lived through the homophobia of the 80’s AIDS period.

Right, that’s it for the movies of June. Considering the traumatic events of the month, I watched a bunch. Let’s look at the numbers!

24 Watched, 23 First Timers0 In Theaters

Woof, 24 movies in the month. I think that’s the worst. Let me look. Nope, not the worst month this year. Let’s see how it compared to this time last year, here’s June 2013:

55 Watched, 52 First Timers1 In Theater

So another month where I’m down in my viewing. Though 55 movies last June? What the fuck? One of them was “Cleopatra” which is 4 hours long. I was either amazing or horrible last year. Let’s not judge.

It’s mid-year too. I’m currently at 153 films, compared to 233 films at this time in 2013. I don’t think it’s possible for me to beat last year. Scary Movie October is coming up though, where I abandon all hope and binge watch as many movies as possible, much to the detriment of my mental health. So we’ll see what happens.

I don’t know what to expect in the months to come.

The End