The Broken Record

No movie blog this week. I just haven’t had a chance to sit down to any movies. I’ve been watching “Breaking Bad” at a frantic pace, and the rest of my free time isn’t very free at the moment. Most evenings and chunks of the weekend is spent visiting my dad in the hospital where he is slowly being whittled down by cancer after fighting it for 8-9 years. It’s tough stuff and exhausting. Mum and I are doing our best. At any rate, I only have two titles in the can from last week, so I’ll blog them when I get up to five. I felt I should still post something so as not to feel like I’ve abandoned the blog, so here it is. Here’s some of the non-movie stuff I’m enjoying.


I pretty much listen to podcasts exclusively now when out and about instead of music. I have a lot of favourites, but a recent one I find insanely funny. It’s “The Dollop” hosted by Dave Anthony of my beloved podcast “Walking the Room” and this episode, “Competitive Endurance Tickling“, is a must listen although they are all worth your while. Feel free to click the “Walking the Room” link and buy yourself a t-shirt. They’re good eggs, and the shirts are nice. It should go without saying that it’s NSFW due to language.


I pretty much exclusively listen to music at home now on my snooty record player. My most recent favourite is “Neil Young – A Letter Home”. The gimmick is that it was recorded in Jack White’s 1940’s arcade recording booth. Ends up that it’s the perfect venue for recording cover songs about the past. There’s a sense of loss to the whole thing, which is probably why it’s tweaking my brain so well at the moment. Check out this song, the haunting “Needle of Death” that I can’t stop listening to.


Please Kill Me” by Legs McNeil is a must read if you have any interest in the history of punk. Nuff said.

That’s about it for this one I guess. This week I turned forty and it had very little meaning to me. I mean, you’re supposed to go crazy with a midlife crisis at forty right? I’m just not feeling it though. Who knows, I got a year to go batshit crazy right?

The End

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