Movie a Day! 130-135: URGH!

So the past week was worse than the week before. I came down with a flu though, so I got in some movies that would not of been watched otherwise. Hooray for the flu! You know it’s a bad week when you’re happy to have the flu. Anyway, not a terrible start to June movie watching wise.

130 06-01 Grand Theft Auto (1977) 3/5
No, I’m not counting video games as movies. This was Ron Howard’s directorial debut. It’s actually pretty good. On par with “Eat My Dust” at any rate. In this one, a girl steals her dad’s limo and takes off with Ron Howard to get married. So it’s a fantasy picture since no women would steal a car to run off with some gawky ginger like Ron Howard. It’s another massive chase film with lots of car crashes and spotty humour bits. Still, it works well enough, though not as entertaining as the video games, those are awesome. Don’t be fooled by the poster either, I don’t think Howard ever gets behind the wheel of the car. It’s all the girl driving, GIRL POWER!

131 06-01 Urgh! A Music War (1981) 4/5
I blind bought this one having never heard of it, and it ends up being pretty much the greatest concert film ever! It’s a perfect snapshot of music in 1980. The Police are the big headliners, which is great since it’s from the period when they were awesome and not annoying. The rest of the show though is ridiculous in the best possible way. The Cramps, Dead Kennedys, The Go-Gos, Devo, Gary Numan, the awesome just keeps on coming! My only complaint is that it’s not 20 hours long and that Warner’s shit out a barebones, crummy DVD via their stupid “archives” program. Someone needs to do a proper release of this gem.

*I discovered while looking up the poster art that there is a 6 hour version of this film, featuring 3 songs per artist instead of the one song per artist in the film. It’s held up due to licensing issues. WE NEED THIS RELEASED! URGH!

132 06-03 Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) 2.5/5
Finally sat down to this one since Bryan Singer’s next X-Men movie is finally out. It’s just dull. I don’t know if it’s trying too hard to be a “Lord of the Rings” type of thing or what, but it just doesn’t work. Ewan McGregor and Ian McShane are in fine form, but the rest of the cast, especially the lead “Jack” are the pits. So it’s hard to give two shits about anything when you don’t really care if the lead is going to get killed. There is also a fuck ton of giants, and they seem mostly to be there for snot and fart jokes. Which would be passable if the film itself didn’t look cheap and rushed. So screw this one. Another big budget, CGI jerk-off of a film with no proper story to engage you.

133 06-03 Breaking Bad Season 3 4/5
Yup, this one is still good.

134 06-04 Marilyn and the Senator (1975) 1.5/5
This one is the first misstep as far as releases from Vinegar Syndrome go. Presentation wise, it’s a complete win. The film looks great, there is a commentary with lead actor William Margold and a trailer. A top notch release. The problem is the film. The basic plot is a woman is desperate to get pregnant by a Senator. Ends up she’s a CIA agent, and the Senator is all for it. His wife finds out, and proceeds to over-fuck him so he can’t perform. Which isn’t the stupidest plot ever for a porn film, but not much of one for a TWO HOUR MOVIE! The director had big thoughts with this being a satire of Government in light of a porn crackdown, but it just doesn’t work. A big part of that problem is porn legend Bill Margold. He’s just unpleasant and a sap in this and just one of those actors I’ve never liked. The humour dies on the floor and everything just tests your patience to no end.

135 06-04 Lust for Freedom (1987) 3/5
This one is a women’s prison movie from the 80’s, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Obnoxious, loud, goofy, big hair and a metal soundtrack. So it’s the PERFECT women’s prison movie from the 80’s. If you don’t believe me, check out the trailer. Vinegar Syndrome did a great job with this disc, and it was a great palate cleanser after the previous slog that was “Marilyn and the Senator.”

That’s it for now. Currently binging on Breaking Bad Season 4 and not much else, so there might again be a wait between posts longer than a week. Unless I get sick again and have to miss work. Let’s hope for that!

The End

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