Movie a Day! : First Week of April

Almost caught up! I’m going to post two blogs this week. After that I will post a “weekly round up” style blog about the things I watch that week. I don’t know what else I’ll blog about. I’m trying to keep this impersonal. Who knows, maybe there will be a “Broken Record” post. (There will always eventually be a Broken Record venting post…)

Anyways….MOVIES! The first week of April I entered the world of Ron Burgundy, finished up a shitty Canadian cooking challenge show, traveled the woods with the demented pervo Jamie Gillis and ended up farty.

073 04-01 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) 2.5/5
That’s right, you are not seeing things. The title is in red since this is my first time seeing this. I’ve been told repeatedly that this film was funny and genius, so I’m going to guess that high expectations are the cause of me not caring for it. Ferrell is more miss than hit with me, and this one seemed to take about 40 minutes before actually getting funny. It’s not terrible, and it has a couple of great scenes, but everyone (aside from Steve Carell) outside of the main cast were more entertaining. When you cast Paul F Tompkins as the host of a cat fashion show, then only give him one line, you are making a mistake! Anyway, this one was missing the sharp satire that made “The Other Guys” and “The Campaign” so interesting.

074 04-02 Recipe to Riches Season 3 (2014) 1.5/5
Once again I get sucked into watching a stupid cooking competition show. I had seen ads for this one thinking it was a new series, only to discover it’s season three! What a disaster! Basic plot is, home cooks introduce sample foods that can become new products for Superstore to sell. The winner wins the largest prize in Canadian game show history: TWO SETS OF LEATHER LUGGAGE! The first half of each episode was the cooks having to batch up their selected food to commercial grade levels, which is a bunch of bullshit. How the hell are home cooks, with no commercial experience, expected to make 500 portions, with ingredient substitutions such as replacing the sweetener, in 3 hours? After that, the second half deals with who can market their dumb food better. I give absolutely zero fucks about marketing, so this show can go fuck itself. I’m giving it “.5” due to being Canadian so everyone is polite, and because it was only 6 episodes long.

075 04-04 Winter Heat (1976) 3.5/5
This is another “roughie” style porn from the “porno chic” era that’s paired up with the previously mentioned “Abduction of an American Playgirl” on Vinegar Syndrome’s “Peek-a-Rama” disc. This was the better picture, with the infamous Jamie Gillis heading the cast as the leader of a group of cabin squatters who come upon some girls and terrorize them. This one doesn’t play up humour and is more interesting for it. That said, the pat ending tends to undo everything.

076 04-05 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) 3.5/5
Had lower expectations on this one since the first one didn’t exactly light a fire in me. It’s still pretty dumb (which isn’t a complaint), and some of the larger set pieces fall completely flat. This one though has a solid target to attack, 24 hour news, and it makes for a funnier and more interesting picture. That said, I think we’re good for Anchorman pictures.

077 04-06 Brian Posehn: The Fartist (2013) 3.5/5
It’s not hard to guess the topics discussed by Posehn on his latest stand-up special with a title like that. More nerd rage and catching up on his life, I don’t think it’s his funniest work, but it’s certainly some of his best stand-up, if that makes sense. (I’m currently loving his podcast “Nerd Poker” you should check it out.)

So there you have it. I picked up both Anchorman films in a two-fer blu-ray that also includes alternate cuts of both movies. I’ll get to those eventually. Are they actually worth watching? Anyone? Oh, I should of pointed out that I watched the Extended Editions instead of the the Theatricals on those Anchorman films. I think. Why the hell are there so many choices for these dumb movies?!?!?

Comedies, cooking shows and porn. I’m going to be forty this year…

The End

3 thoughts on “Movie a Day! : First Week of April

  1. Expectations can really ruin a good film. I loved Anchorman, and consider it one of my go-to films if I need a quick injection of humour (“Milk was a bad choice” still makes me chuckle), but I wasn’t really expecting anything when I first saw it. I’ve previously heard terrible things about the second one, so have avoided it. Perhaps low expectations will help me out here?

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