Quick Update: Benrik Bookclub?

Okay, I’ve been terribly behind on this. I’ve completely fallen off my posting streak. I’m pretty sure many of you thought I had died or that time had perhaps been changed. I’m not sorry about it since I’m very disappointed that no one tried to get a hold of me to make sure the universe was running properly and I wasn’t dead. You are all horrible people for not doing so. You are all going to have to live with that knowledge that you are truly awful and selfish.

Anyways, the point of this is Book Club. THE FURSHLUNGINGER BOOK CLUB IS HAPPENING! I should of posted it earlier since I think some of you subscribe here and do not follow on Facebook. This is my first time attempting to organize this type of thing, I will make mistakes people. I WAS VERY NEARLY DEAD IN YOUR MINDS UP TO THIS POINT! I demand sympathy for my error! Anyways, the book chosen is “Ready Player One” By Ernest Cline. It has already been declared by some as the GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS WRITTEN BY PEOPLE! I am not unlike a GOD when it comes to picking books! Clearly everyone should be excreting sexual juices out of their pours with want for this book! My copy hasn’t arrived yet. It will be hillarious if I find it awful and judge everyone harshly for their terrible taste. See, you absolutely want to be part of this watershed event! We will be discussing as of July 1st. Here’s the link for the Facebook Group:


And more importantly, so important you should all be very grateful to Vicki, here is the link to the DISCUSSION THREAD ON NOT BENRIKLAND!


Look, I don’t care if you hate books and don’t want to join book club. Books are stupid old things that require work and initiative and we live in the day and age of television and the Kardashians, enlightened times where our base needs of entertainment are pandered to. I get it! However, if you don’t join and play around in not benrikland, by the power of my evil eye I will HEX THE SHIT OUT OF YOU OLD SCHOOL DRUID STYLE! Fact!

In other news, not much going on. I didn’t really do the other tasks. Personal things came up and have me in a real quandary about some of my choices. I’m mostly posting this to distract myself from having to turn down a friends request to borrow money. The whole situation is bugging the shit out of me, I had to make a choice, and the choice was this. I have no idea how it will effect our friendship, and part of me is okay with it being a negative effect.I’m in a weird place where I should be enjoying a new relationship and working on old ones, but I find myself just wanting to hermit.

Oof! That’s enough of that, enjoy the weekend and read something, anything!