Self Helpless

So the rails pretty much came off. Two weeks of regular blogging, it was a pretty good run. I have not been a reliable person for quite some time, maybe not ever. So two weeks was more than I expected. As far as last week goes, I rate it a 5. Incredibly shit with an awesome Saturday that mostly has made me melancholy since I don’t really have a lot of awesome days. Which leads us to this week.

Self Help Week. This can potentially lead to the type of post that I’ve avoided writing. I’m going to skip that post. I’m not a great believer in “self help” and self analysis and all that. It seems to lead me on a treadmill of indulgent self pity that’s just shy of being a bad poetry sprouting asshole. Fuck that. I’d rather just move on and get over things. I prefer to learn through experience. While I’ve racked up more regrets then rewards, I have come to terms with were I am in life and accepted it. I’d prefer that place to be better then it is, but then who wouldn’t really? My trick is to get out of my head and remember, hard as it is to believe, that not all things revolve around me.

Done. No books necessary.

If I can be arsed I might consider looking into developing a new skill. Not very likely though.

To not leave this as a downer, which it really isn’t, here’s something that got me thinking this past weekend. I watched a documentary on Beatle George Harrison. It’s called “Living in the Material World” if you’re interested and with Martin Scorsese you should be interested. There was a bit where they were talking about his song writing. At the time of the Beatles the band was basically considered (and probably still is) to be the Lennon and McCartney show that had two other guys. History had declared, and still does that Lennon/McCartney are one of the greatest song writing teams of all time. There’s an archival clip of George being asked what it was like having to compete with that. how do you pitch songs to the greatest song writers of your generation? His response was great, and was basically “Remember, I’m in the same limo as those guys. I figured if they can do it, it can’t be all that hard to write a song so I just did it.”

It’s not an earth shattering revelation. It just struck me that everything in life, and I mean everything, is about how you perceive it. How you perceive things can inspire or cripple you. The things themselves are meaningless.

I don’t know why this troubles me. I guess this was not as up beat as I thought it would be.

The End