Hard To Handel!

IT SNOWED AGAIN! It’s supposed to be spring but we keep getting snow every weekend. It’s ridiculous! The silver lining is the snow turned to rain this time and washed the accumulated snow away so I wont have to shovel later. Still, snow every weekend that only lasts the weekend is a whole new level of bullshit around here!

Time to catch up on the past two days of tasking. It has not gone well my friends.


I was familiar with Liszt from before. He was one of the first composers to have adoring, screaming fans. He was a real heart-throb and blessed with a gigantic penis.

Sorry, this blog might not be safe for work.

Lizt would later rage war with his rival, Nazi Wagner (who rode around on a organ powered tank smashing things that I can’t find a picture of) over the love of a Queen or someone royal.

The “W” logo is for Wagner, not “Weezer”. Anyways, it’s a bit hazy since it’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie “Lisztomania”. It’s way better than that “Amadeus” and batshit crazy, so check it out if you can find it.

As for the music, I downloaded some blasted solo piano. Some bits I recognized, but most of it was pretty angry and by 4pm I HAD HAD ENOUGH! In fact I believe I exclaimed “Fuck! This fucking Liszt! ENOUGH!” So yeah. I’m not huge on classical piano music with no backing instruments.

Today was Handel and I have nothing more to say. That will make for a boring blog though so I will say something. I listened to some kind of complete orchestral works set. It was at times pretty and often times completely un-noteworthy. It constantly made me think that “Masterpiece Theater” was on the verge of starting up. Oof! I think this music was used in another great movie “Barry Lyndon”, but I can’t be bothered to look it up to see if I’m right. As it is with Handel.

This is it for me with this task. I have stuff to do over the weekend. Meaning I have to escape my house due to shit head relatives watching their dumb shithead motor sports. So no more classical music listening for me. Plus I recieved all the awesome records I bought for record store day last week so any home time spent listneing to music will be spent listening to them.

So here’s a recap of my feelings for the week:

  • I mostly don’t like classical music. Look, I can appreciate it’s importance and all that snooty stuff. Bottom line is it mostly bores me. It’s dead. There’s a reason everyone moved on, and that’s it. Modern music is more interesting.
  • I really don’t like piano instrumental music.
  • I really like movies. Everyone should see “Fantasia” since the classical music is really good and the animation is fantastic.

Not a single thing I’ve listened to this week task-wise has equaled the majesty and power of this:

(Give it until about a minute)

The End


6 thoughts on “Hard To Handel!

  1. I gave up earlier in the week, mostly through busy-ness and lack of trying. Maybe I should have tried Liszt’s music; I love me some classical piano. Not as much as I love me some good old rock and roll, though. Nice clip. I rate it 7/10.

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