So Monday night on my way to vote I saw a monkey in the alleyway that ended up being a cat. Tuesday morning I was awoken by what sounded like a goose versus crow battle outside my window. Today has been normal SO FAR! Let’s keep this easy and steady!

I listened to Bach yesterday. I meant to take notes but I forgot. This is a good thing since it saves me having to explain space and time again. This blog, the one you are reading RIGHT NOW, is being typed as I think it in my present! 

So Bach. I listened to something called “Harpsichord Concertos”. Before I started I thought “Oh no, not more piano solo music! Yeash!” This had violins and stuff on it though to back up the harpsichord so it was much more enjoyable. The harpsichord is a pretty cool sounding instrument (it’s sounds like a computer) that does not exist any more since we killed all the Harpsichords and they can no longer be found in the wild. It’s Sad! My first thoughts on listening to this was that Bach was ripping off Mozart since they sound kind of similar. I looked up Wikipedia and saw that Mozart came after Bach so my guess was Mozart is a reincarnated Bach. Then I saw a page that claimed that Mozart met Bach when he was little, so obviously they are Highlanders and Mozart absorbed Bach’s soul when he cut his head off. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! So yeah, Bach is pretty good and I’ve heard a bunch of his music in cartoons as well as Mozarts, so thanks dead guys for providing my Saturday morning soundtrack!

Beethoven is currently on right now and my first thought is to drink some milk and beat the shit out of someone. Beethoven is used a lot in the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, he’s Alex’s favourite composer for inspiring the old ultra-violence you see. There is no reason for any of you to have not seen “A Clockwork Orange”, so run along and do so after reading this! DO IT! For Beethoven I’m listening to the Complete Symphony Collection 1-9 by the London Symphony Orchestra.  I’m finally listening to a symphony! That said, I’m mostly thinking about how good the Wendy Carlos stuff from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack is. Man, I love that soundtrack! She did the music for Tron too!

The other thing with Beethoven is that it’s a bit too familiar. Having taken music in school I’ve had to play “Ode To Joy” on every instrument I could put my mits on. I’m sure I could pick up a penny whistle or recorder and play it still. It and “Hot Cross Buns” and “Three Blind Mice”. I am truly a genius musician!

To recap, yeah, it’s alright but so far this classical music stuff isn’t a wild hair up my ass.

The End

13 thoughts on “Bachtoven!

  1. So I was reading this. It started well, no sudden outbursts and all was well, but then I came to the Highlander bit and these weird laughing noises spurted out, especially at, “so obviously they are Highlanders and Mozart absorbed Bach’s soul when he cut his head off. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!”
    If the two of them had made it all the way to the Gathering instead of those McCloud and Kurgan fellows, not to say anything bad about the existing soundtrack of the movie, you know, Queen and all, but what a difference would there have been in the music during that fight scene at the end.

  2. I felt sad for the harpsichords dying out, and then I read Jade Craven/Fi’s post about harpsichords and now I don’t know what to think anymore. Are there any living specimens in zoos? If not, I will have to find that ‘Harpsichord concertos’ that you speak of, and then I will decide whether to stard fundraising for a Jurassic park-like experiment of bring these creatures back to life.

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