Mozart? More like “Blowz-art”!

Right, it’s Monday! All of the day’s of the week have played out accordingly and none of us have died so we’re good for tasking this week! Huzzah!

(One day I’ll stop blogging about the existence of days, I promise)

So HappyJoel came up with a bunch of tasks and no one did much and then it was decided that it was classical composers week. That’s how it went right? Now I’m a day behind. I do not task on the weekend. I have things to do during the weekend (I’m actually lying my pants off saying that), and tasking is not one of them. I am sorry, but I’m a 5 day a week life change kind of guy.

Please take a moment to compose yourselves after that revelation.

So out of all the tasks, this one is pretty good, though a bit of a bugger for me. As mentioned before I am already in the midst of a massive listening project. I AM STILL DOING THIS TASK THOUGH! In true Benrik tradition, I’m modifying it to suit my needs, and that means I’m listening to the chosen composers, but not all day. Again, you will all have to deal with this. I’m still going to be listening to something I haven’t before, and that’s on top of the 1000’s of other things I’ll be listening to. I’m good on the listening front.

So Chopin and his butchery music can go fuck itself (Chopin sounds like a guy who chops and I don’t care how you’re supposed to say his name) since it was yesterday, today was Mozart! I know Mozart! I saw the movie “Amadeus” a few times years ago! As a result I know he was a boy genius at composing, and this caused his rival Sauron to get really pissed since he had to train so hard at it. They constantly had battles to see who was the Greatest Composer. Eventually Mozart trained so hard until the tutelage of the Turtle Master that he was able to reach a Super Saiyan state with his Chi and defeat Sauron. This caused them to become friends so they could unite and face the vile Demon King Piccolo who was stealing all the good composing jobs.

So it was with great excitement I went into today’s task. I was ready for my cape!

I didn’t like Mozart. I am not a classical music guy. The closest I get is Frank Zappa and Edgar Varese. As a result I have had to download all of the composers requested for this task. So for Mozart I got something called “Piano Sonatas” by some guy named “Zoltan Kocsis”. I picked it because his name reminded me of this:

That was about as good a movie about Dracula’s Dog as you can hope for (which means it’s not very good). This music was much better then this film. My problem is that it all started to sound the same over the 3 CDs that contained it. The only bright parts where when I recognized something from cartoons. These parts weren’t actually bright enough to make me look to see what these compositions were actually called though. Then it was over and I put my player on “Shuffle” and listened to some Aqua. It was way more enjoyable.

This is my main problem with this type of music. How is one to know which version is the best to listen too? It’s so dependent on the conductor. Even then, who knows what they are bringing to the table that wasn’t intended? This is why Rock and Roll is so much better. I know what I’m going to get when I pick up an Elvis Presley or Sam & Dave record.

I shall continue though! Tomorrow is ______! Yay! I love his stuff! I think. I can’t remember. I will look it up and blog about it when it is appropriate.

Maybe I’m just sour because it’s provincial election day here. The main parties that are going to win is either something called the Wild Rose Party that features a guy who has said that he’s a better choice to lead because he’s white and speaks to all people as opposed to a brown person who only speaks to brown people, or the Progressive Conservatives party that thinks all homosexuals will burn in a lake of fire. Both want to strip out government programs that actually help people and push through privatized medicare. I’ll probably vote by fucking up the ballot in protest.

The End.

13 thoughts on “Mozart? More like “Blowz-art”!

  1. Unmistakeable Russ!! πŸ˜€ I love your take on blogging and tasking and life in general!
    Wait till you read about the Greek elections coming up in a couple of weeks…

    • Thanks Mari! The silver lining to our elections is that they are only provincial which means they wont make a whole lot of difference. Other then we’ll probably lose health care. I can’t imagine what’s going on over there!

      Stay safe!

      • Oh, don’t worry, it hasn’t escalated to full blown street warfare…yet?
        It’s our politicians who should start staying safe! There’s 10.000.000 of us, and only 300 of them. And we’re getting angry!

  2. You should stand in the local elections with the tagline “I don’t mind brown people OR gays!”
    You night just win.

    • Not in this province! I think it’s still technically illegal to be a homosexual here. Or we were the last province to knock the law off the books. It’s really backwards here.

      • Oh dear. In that case I think you should try to see how much hate mail you get!

  3. I’m suddenly very tempted to name something Zoltan now. Hmm? All of the cats already have names. Ooh. The new dresser! That’s it! The new dresser, from this time forth, shall be known as Zoltan, Keeper of the Clothes.

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