It’s Wednesday!

Right, I’ve played around with the settings on here a bit and I think I have it figured out. Does it look okay? Are we good here?

So it’s Wednesday for me today. Since this is a “return” to Benrik, I figured I would attempt to post on my Benrik schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE THE NORM! I mean, there’s a great chance Friday wont happen. Fridays post I mean. Friday the day will certainly happen. Hopefully. If you miss it you will probably be dead. This is turning into a sad blog about future dead people who will miss Friday! Argh! Let’s be realistic people! Friday the day will certainly happen but my blog post on Friday might not happen and there is a very good chance you will live to see the day so let’s not be down about it!


Reading update blogs from fellow Benrikians has been pretty wonderful. It’s also made me question what the hell I’ve been thinking participating in this stuff! Seriously, everyone seems to have moved on with degrees in things I don’t understand with letters behind their names that make my eyes crossed. As a barely educated hillbilly from Bumblefuck Canada, I really do not belong in present company. Don’t get me wrong, you’re all amazing, wonderful, talented people, I’m just not sure what exactly I’m bringing to the table other then spoonfuls of dumb. I can’t believe that many of you actually invited me into your homes and had conversations with me. It’s crazy. A few nights ago I was having dinner with my folks and the topic of retirement came up. They asked me about my plans and my answer, without a shred of irony or sarcasm was “Sell everything and walk the earth.” I am life-fucked people. Don’t let me bring you down! Keep rising like a Phoenix doing what ever Phoenix’s do! And not the X-Men one either, I think that Phoenix went crazy and got killed. I’m not really sure, I don’t read X-Men comics.

The topic of candy has come up. Probably since I mentioned my old candy blogs. I was going to post pictures of my current candy situation here in the office but I can’t figure it out on this new site. I have no idea what my old Photobucket account was. Does Photobucket even exist?!?! And this site doesn’t seem to let you upload directly from your PC to the blog. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO HARD!?!?! Is this why we all left Benrik in the first place? How did all of you pull this picture stuff off?

That’s about it. Wednesday is now New Comic Book day for me. NOT X-MEN COMICS THOUGH! I’ve already covered this. I’m not talking fancy graphic novels either. I’m talking about stapled pamphlet superhero horse shit comic books. I love them. I can’t defend them other than to say I enjoy the OCD of it all.

Comic books and candy…  I’m 37 years old now. I did mention I was barely educated and life-fucked right?

The end.

12 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. I am relieved that you cleared up that business with Friday. I was starting to worry that you knew something about the Mayan calendar-thingy that the rest of us don’t and that the world was actually going to end a little later this week. Phew.

    So as to not make you feel as bad, I haven’t got a degree or all of those fancy extra letters on my name either. And if it helps, I’m actually a wee bit older than you.

    I like the retirement plan. I wonder if I can convince my wife of it. Maybe we’ll travel the world looking for roller coasters.

  2. Your retirement plan of specifically seeking roller coasters is a pretty good one. I think roller coasters make me sick, so I guess I’ll seek zoos.

    I’m not down at all, I’m actually dimensionally positive about myself. There’s a bit of sarcasm in this post, I should of used Shadowy’s brackets. 🙂

  3. Russ, you’ve always been a big hit on benrik and you know it’s not only because you made funny videos where you talked with your mouth full! And considering I’m one of those people you have met you and (hopefully) welcomed you into my home I can say that you are a great guy, stuck in a crappy long term situation and making the best of it.
    As for retirement plans, how about you travel the world looking up benrikians? somebody’s gotta do it! although we are a bit under-represented in south america…

  4. A man did that actually – sold everything and made a list of things he wanted to do and did them. I think he eventually bought an island in the Caribbean and now lives there doing I don’t know what.

    Also, I don’t think letters after your name have anything to do with mental prowess. Plenty of smart folks never went to university.

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