Life Since Benrik

That’s the task right? We’re tasking again?

Before we get started on that. I’ve read two post-Benrik blogs by others mainly to find a link to join this site so I could start my own blog, and it took ages for me to figure it out. Why can I not find any links to start a blog? What is going on? How did these people get this thing to work? Clearly this is not going to go well when I’ve already had this issue. Simply joining the site was troublesome. Now that I’ve joined, it’s very easy! This just might work! And look at the buttons for linking and all that! Wow! It’s like, the fucking future on the internet!

Right, on to the task as set forth by I think Abestos, though I’m not really sure. Facebook is hard to follow via email notifications. Are we using Benrik names here or real names? This is so CONFUSING!  Can it be both? Real and made up names? Has someone done a “Rules” blog?


What have I been up to since Benrik?

Nothing. My situation is exactly the same, only more so.


Seriously though, nothing has changed since I stopped blogging on Benrik. I stopped blogging on Benrik for the same reasons everyone else did I suspect. The site went really shit. I’ve tried blogging elsewhere, but just can’t get in the swing of things. I was never great at tasking, and suspect I will continue to not be, but I do miss the community and well attempt to participate here.

I’m not sure what I’m going to blog about since I don’t feel I have much to say anymore. My last blog was a listing of reviews of The 1001 Albums You Should Hear Before You Die, and I bailed on posting. I am still listening though! I’m up to album 721. It’s one of the few things I haven’t quit these past few years.

I’ve made it a point not to read any of my old Benrik blogs. The last time I did so was over a year ago and they scared the shit out of me. I don’t recognize that person anymore. It’s like Earth 2 or something. Who’s that guy and why is he eating candy for 30 minutes on Youtube? Jesus Christ….

That’s about it I guess. It’s not “moany” right? I don’t want this to be moany. I think of many of you Benrikians often and I really look forward to knowing you better through this endeavor then I do via stalking you through Facebook and Twitter.

The End

18 thoughts on “Life Since Benrik

  1. Aw the candy blogs were great!

    I’m very, very slowly working on the 1001 movies you should watch before you die. I haven’t reached 200 yet but like having it for inspiration when I can’t think of a good film to watch. I couldn’t watch them in chronological order, though.

  2. Thanks Sissiri! They seem way too self indulgent looking back at them, despite the response they got. Shadowy was right on that one.

    I GOT FAVE BLOG! First time out of the gate! JUST LIKE ON BENRIKLAND! Fuck am I awesome! 😛

  3. Woo, Russonabus is The Fave this week!
    Was favourite myself once, but only because i pretendet to be someone else (Jonas Jansson)

    • I think I was Fave blog three times, my first blog, one of the vacation ones with Pashy, and one near the end where I claimed for once that it was not deserving of fave blog, so they made it fave out of spite. We’ll never be able to replicate the cruel intentions of the overlords sadly.

  4. I have also attempted to do the 1001 album thingy and tried to blog about it. I have done about 3 I think… I guess that can be material for slow blog days? 🙂

  5. Camelshoes, good luck on the 1001 Albums. I was blogging it like crazy but stopped in the 500’s I think.

    Arcanejill, you must be missing yummy sweet candy being over in savory Asia, I’ll see what I can do. 😛

  6. I am intrigued by this 1001 album thing. Is there a list somewhere? Does it count if I have heard some of them already, or is it best to start from scratch. Let’s just say, for example of course, that the album Fred Schneider and the Shake Society (yes, Fred Schneider from the B-52s) is on the list and I have already heard it, would it be necessary to listen to it again because I’d really rather not if I don’t have to?

  7. There is a book, but I think if you google it you can find it.. I think people do it in order of the book, but I just put it alphabetically. Even then I still didn’t go in order, just started near the top and picked something that took my fancy at the time.. I’ve listened to ‘2Pac – Me Against the World’, ’50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Trying’ and ‘ABBA – Arrival’.

    I think if you’ve already heard the album then it counts.

  8. There’s no real rule to the 1001. I found the list online, collected all the titles and started with number one. My OCD makes me need to listen to them in order. I did the same thing with the Rolling Stone Magazine Top 500 Albums. :S

  9. I have no idea how a list based task of sweets would work though. One thing learned from the Great National Candy Exchange was that candy is very different, and in some cased downright evil (I’m still haunted by the Superfighters)

  10. OK, so for the record I loved the candy videos too!!
    We may not be able to replicate the cruel intentions of the overlords, but we’ve got asbestosbitch, and if we also get lackcreativeeffort, campy and papingo on board, I’m sure we can get a simulation…

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